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Monday, July 03, 2006

the levee breaks

of course our plane out of the Butte was delayed, but we did get to Denver in time to catch the flight home. Waiting for the plane, I ran into former Amazing Letdown, and current photographer extraordinaire, Diamond Dave Mead. The flight was on time, and we got home sat night around midnight. mandy went to a party to wish her sister bon voyage, I watched some BSG on the floor with the dogs.

Sunday brought a goodbye lunch with sister Kellie and beau Damon; afterwards, The Pea and I set to work cleaning out the garage and home office.

I am moving a desk and lots of books up to my work office. We packed Pea's 4-runner to the brim with books. I planned to unload them today at the office, when lo and behold, a leak had flooded the staging area (aka Chrispi's Office). Chrispi is in Las Vegas, so I can only assume that the flooding of his office is retribution by an angry God at young Mr. Perri's sinful life of gambling.

Because the AC is in the basement, we had to shut it off to avoid shorting it out. We shall see how long we can stand the heat. We have pumps running downstairs right now, so we hope to have it cleared out before the rains come this afternoon.

In other news, Team Wilson and Team Bloom are going to see The Black Crowes tonight at the BAckyard. We may or may not be joined by Eddie K as well as JackBart and YogaGirl. Should be a blast (rain or no rain), especially since we don't have work tomorrow, as we will be celebrating this country's hard won independance. Mostly by being hungover, getting drunk, and blowing up small pieces of the country with friendly explosives.

Got to get to work, lots of catching up to do after vacation. Rock hard.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

no yeti

Friday…we headed to mount crested butte for a ride and hike. We took the chair lift up the mountain, then hiked up for another mile or so. No matter how much you may believe you are in shape, everything is different at 12,000 feet. On the way up, we saw several marmots, chipmunks and picas.

(the pica)

We got to the top of the main summit. Adam decided to make a run over to the adjacent peak. Once he returned, we enjoyed a celebratory bottle of wine. Instead of taking the lift down, we opted to hike 1/2 down the mountain and take a lift down from there. A 3 or 4 mile hike down was tiring, but very nice. After our hike, we headed home to recharge, then out to cement creek for some fishing. As usual, I caught a trout almost immediately. It was the only fish of the day for me. We fished for a few hours. It’s just an incredible place to be, and fishing can really have that zen quality to it.

Crested Butte has a nice theatre called the Majestic. It has three screens, old school style. 4 seats on the left side, 6 on the right. They also have a full bar. Why more theatres don’t sell beer is beyond me. (This also happens to be the same theatre where John Walkup and I saw Pulp Fiction in 1995). Adam, Camille, Mandy and I watched Superman Returns, had a few beers. Movie was good. The first third is really great. After that, it kinda falls apart. The plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, there is a lot of wasted time in a movie that is unnecessarily 2 1/2 hours, and Lux Luthor once again gets a girlfriend who is dumb, kinda cute, and has a crisis of conscience? Still, it’s enjoyable. I just expected a little more.

On the way to the theatre, I saw two beavers in the pond by our house.

We came home, decided to skip the hot tub, had a couple of beers, and shared an apple.

Our last day, I woke up and fished the pond by the condo. I caught a nice little rainbow trout; I caught a fish every day we went out, five fish total. Though none of them were what I would call huge fish, this was my first trout fishing experience, so I'm not complaining. An excellent trip.

We head out today, after watching the Portugal/England match. I got $5 on England, Adam has his money on Portugal. We’ll see. Be home soon.