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Sunday, June 25, 2006

saturday delivers a death in the family

slept late. had the pea's pancakes for the first time in a long time. wanted to try coffee, even went so far as to pour a cup. nope, stomach not that strong yet. (but strong enough for mexican food 3x since friday). it's funny realizing how your body really tells you what it can handle. in my situation, the things my body least objected to, in order:
caffeine (tea only)

i expect caffeine in coffee form is next, since it is all i have left. but, it's the scariest one left.

after some work on the new flower bed, af sensat came over for 2/3 of whiskeeto practice. our 2/3 side project's stage name is "hey, someone get those two drunk assholes off the stage."

we had a few drinks,

practiced, then went to steanso's for a drummier practice. plans were made for bowling. we went to cherry creek for dinner. bowling scrapped. games played...the reclusive north american sultry jackass appeared. games ended...

(see andy rock. see steanso hide his "tells")

dies this week. it was a fun outlet to drop reviews for all things multimedia - concerts, records, movies, games, etc. sadly, people got wrapped up in their own blogs and readership fell down to the contributors. i personally felt like the kid who had no place writing there. the other writers all seemed to be rtf majors, and had much more background than i did. still, i liked posting there as well as reading their thoughts. we even got picked up by national media once, and got into a pissing match with a state popular writer. goodbye nano. i will miss you.


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