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Friday, June 23, 2006


lying (laying? im too tired to think) in bed last night, i was going over all the cases i had set today in court - going over my arguments, figuring out ways to maximize the good traits in my clients and minimize their jail time. sometimes it is really hectic. even when i'm not working, i end up thinking about the cases, strategies, law, etc., no matter how much i'd rather not. it certainly didn't help me get to sleep. anyway, i started to realize that sometimes this job is pretty stressful. a lot is riding on how well i do my job. so, when i headed down to the court at 6:something this morning, i was feeliing a little frustrated, overwhelmed and burnt out.

however, my day at court went REALLY well. the two cases i thought about all night got resolved with the necessary outcome for my client (and what was just, i think). then, a well respected attorney (and one i really respect) complimented me on a case he knew i had handled. which made me feel pretty damn good. sometimes i get really cocky and think i am super lawyer, and sometimes i think i'm just barely floating along. it's nice to be told you do a good job. plus, with few exceptions, i like all the people in my work environment. travis county has a very unique relationship between judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys - almost everyone not only gets along, but most people are friends, despite which side they are on. i seldom work in a hostile environment, even when fighting over highly contested issues. it's nice when you enjoy your job.

since i had no sleep, i'll not be making it to see sonic youth tonite. i'm tired, plus i saw them at thier peak, on the Confusion is Sex tour back in the mid 80's. so that's hard to top. tonight i plan on drinking some nice red wine my dad left at the house, watching some tv or a movie, listening to music (i'm in a stones, clapton, grateful dead kinda blusey mood right now), and taking it easy. hopefully tomorrow i will join steanso on the lake in a sea faring vessel - i havent skiid or wakeboarded in a while, so that would be nice.

sunday - Band of Horses. rock.
peace and love kids.
i wanna be sedated.


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