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Thursday, June 29, 2006

the fox and the marmut

despite some travails, we got into gunnison around 9:45. Camille and Adam picked us up in the pimp mobile - a 1992 blue chevy astrovan. we drove the 30 miles into crested butte and were happy to shower off the airport funk. The Killians (Camille's parents) are 1/10 owners in the condo we are staying in. They get it 5 weeks a year. A computer system determines which weeks each of the 9 partners + the general manager gets the place, but basically they get it every 10 weeks, the weeks just change from year to year. It is three stories, master bedroom on bottom, two guest rooms and kitchen/living room on middle, and a loft. There is a balcony looking out on three mountain peaks. There is a hot tub. It is wonderful. Dr. and Mrs. Killian drove up, and brought their two 9 year old yellow labs, Whitt and Belle.

After we got washed up, Dr. K took us on a 3 hours sight seeing tour up one of the mountains. We saw mountain lakes, lots of beaver dams and beaver houses, and some snow. While here, I wanted to see the following: beaver, fox, black bear, and sasquatch/yeti/abominable snowman. And catch at least one trout. On our drive, we saw a marmut, which looks a lot like a groundhog or chipmunk. And, a fox. the fox was awesome. super awesome. I've never seen one outside of a zoo. this one was huge, maybe the size of a border collie. And we saw what was probably a young bald eagle.

We got home, got ready to go fishing, and a nice mountain thunderstorm rolled in. It rained for about 45 minutes. between short naps on the couch (Belle licked my hand every time i fell asleep), it was pretty amazing to watch the storm roll in off the mountains. After the rain cleared, Dr. K, Adam and I headed to the East river for a little fly fishing. The water is about 50-55 degrees and crystal clear (and i thought barton springs was cold.) The river where we got in is just below a hatchery, so there are lots of small, very wary trout. We walked down further and fished from about 5:30 til 8. Didn't catch anything, but it was a wonderful place to be. Saw lots of birds, got my casting figured out, and got to spend a few hours by myself watching the sunset and listening to the sounds of the river and the birds.

The general store is about 1/8 mile from the condo. It has guinness on tap. i think i may be in heaven. we came back, met the girls at teh store, ordered some burgers, pizza and beers. came home, hopped in teh hot tub, had a few more beers and went to bed. nothing like being in a hot tub when it is 40 degrees outside.

More fishing in store today. The cement creek in the morning and somewhere else in the afternoon. Plus a bluegrass band tonight. it's 48 degrees right now. i got up and sat on the balcony this morning, drinking coffee and reading the sandman. high of 80 today. later skaters.


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