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Thursday, June 29, 2006

3/5 happy

went fishing today with Dr. K and adam at the cebolla creek. first cast, and i caught a brown trout. things are going well. we fished for 6 hours or so. i was feeling pretty good, two brown trout and a rainbow. none were over 10 inches, but i was pretty psyched. adam caught 3 fish too, and we were feeling pretty good. til Dr. k told us he caught 13 fish.

we came back to town, met up with the girls who had spent all day at telluride. had a nice mexican dinner, two pitchers of margaritas. The Killians and the girls had enough, so they went home. Adam and I stayed in town, looking for some local culture. we walked around for a bit, then decided to stroll down an alley above the river behind the local bar. as we walked down, the bar patrons started yelling "bear! bear!"

sure enough, a black bear, 3 1/2 feet tall on all 4's, 6 feet tall standing was 20 feet from us. i tried to take a picture with the cell phone. no dice. anyway, that was awesome. so, i've caught trout, seen a bear (which is so unreal) seen a fox. now i just need the yeti and the beaver. i'm 3 for 5. which is well above the mendoza line. some pics for you enjoyment are below.

the marmut

emerald lake

where we fished today

(all photos by adam goncalves)

tomorrow brings a hike to the top of crested butte, and more fishing. all is well. we love you.

the fox and the marmut

despite some travails, we got into gunnison around 9:45. Camille and Adam picked us up in the pimp mobile - a 1992 blue chevy astrovan. we drove the 30 miles into crested butte and were happy to shower off the airport funk. The Killians (Camille's parents) are 1/10 owners in the condo we are staying in. They get it 5 weeks a year. A computer system determines which weeks each of the 9 partners + the general manager gets the place, but basically they get it every 10 weeks, the weeks just change from year to year. It is three stories, master bedroom on bottom, two guest rooms and kitchen/living room on middle, and a loft. There is a balcony looking out on three mountain peaks. There is a hot tub. It is wonderful. Dr. and Mrs. Killian drove up, and brought their two 9 year old yellow labs, Whitt and Belle.

After we got washed up, Dr. K took us on a 3 hours sight seeing tour up one of the mountains. We saw mountain lakes, lots of beaver dams and beaver houses, and some snow. While here, I wanted to see the following: beaver, fox, black bear, and sasquatch/yeti/abominable snowman. And catch at least one trout. On our drive, we saw a marmut, which looks a lot like a groundhog or chipmunk. And, a fox. the fox was awesome. super awesome. I've never seen one outside of a zoo. this one was huge, maybe the size of a border collie. And we saw what was probably a young bald eagle.

We got home, got ready to go fishing, and a nice mountain thunderstorm rolled in. It rained for about 45 minutes. between short naps on the couch (Belle licked my hand every time i fell asleep), it was pretty amazing to watch the storm roll in off the mountains. After the rain cleared, Dr. K, Adam and I headed to the East river for a little fly fishing. The water is about 50-55 degrees and crystal clear (and i thought barton springs was cold.) The river where we got in is just below a hatchery, so there are lots of small, very wary trout. We walked down further and fished from about 5:30 til 8. Didn't catch anything, but it was a wonderful place to be. Saw lots of birds, got my casting figured out, and got to spend a few hours by myself watching the sunset and listening to the sounds of the river and the birds.

The general store is about 1/8 mile from the condo. It has guinness on tap. i think i may be in heaven. we came back, met the girls at teh store, ordered some burgers, pizza and beers. came home, hopped in teh hot tub, had a few more beers and went to bed. nothing like being in a hot tub when it is 40 degrees outside.

More fishing in store today. The cement creek in the morning and somewhere else in the afternoon. Plus a bluegrass band tonight. it's 48 degrees right now. i got up and sat on the balcony this morning, drinking coffee and reading the sandman. high of 80 today. later skaters.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


we ganked some blankets and pillows that were supposed to go to a United flight, but I figured we needed them more than those nancy's in first class going to aspen. so, here we are in some corner in the airport, sleeping on the ground like some damn homeless convention, on a carpet that smells of dirt and industrial cleaning oils. kickass. thanks United, you really suck. out loud.

in a bit a of GREAT news, looks like Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) has come out of his hiding hole. Welcome back, Jeff. We've missed you. Now don't screw up your legacy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've been drinking in an airport bar...'s like Christmas in a submarine.

whatever that means.

anyway, The Wilson's are stranded in the Denver airport all night. It's like areal life version of that crappy Tom Hanks movie. except without Catherine Zeta Jones and that really cool guy from the Wes Anderson movies. Apparently there is a softball tournament in town, and they have booked EVERY hotel room in 50 miles. I now hate softball, and, by proxy, Dick Punki. There's a Burger King open and a bar. I'm in the bar. Here is the first draft of the letter I have composed to United Airlines.
2 minutes. 120 seconds. That is the difference between the vacation we had planned and paid for, and the nightmare that we went through instead. My wife and I purchased tickets from Austin, TX to Gunnison, CO with a 2 hour layover in Denver. (Flight numbers 0406 and 7065, on June 27, 2006. ) We arrived at AUS at 4:00, an hour and a half prior to departure, to ensure that nothing went wrong. Our flight was delayed until 6:40, but we were assured we would still have plenty of time to make our connection. Our bags were checked with the promise that both our bags and we would make it to Gunnison that evening. We left the gate in Austin close to 7:00 pm. At 8:05 MT we were on the ground in Denver. We pulled into gate 46 at 8:14. We were in row 6, so we were off the plane as quickly as possible. We sprinted the 15 gates to Gate 61, arriving at 8:20. Our plane was scheduled to depart at 8:28. The departures screen still showed out flight as “boarding.” However, the gate agent told us the plane was closed. Despite the fact that the plane was still on the runway, and that it was not scheduled to leave for another 8 minutes, and that the only reason we were not on time was due to our United flight being late, we were not allowed on the plane. We were told that the doors shut with ten minutes until takeoff, and that nothing can be done. 2 minutes. The gate agents in Austin couldn’t notify the Denver agent and tell them to wait for two paying customers on a plane that holds less than 20 people. The gate agent at our arriving gate couldn’t be bothered to call forward. And despite the fact that the gate agent for the GUC flight knew we were coming, knew our flight in was delayed, and knew we had landed at 8:14, no one could hold the doors on the flight for an extra 2 minutes.

As we watched the last plane of the day leave without us, we were directed to one of several “customer service” areas. Although the gate agent had rolled us over to the next flight (leaving the following day), she told us we needed to go to the customer service area to get our hotel assignment and transportation vouchers. At both customer service areas, there were lines of 100 or more people. Although there were computers and space for 10 or more agents at both areas, only a few agents were present. After an hour of waiting, several agents left their post, claiming, “we have to get home, we’ve been here all day.” As if we hadn’t. When we finally reached the agent it was 10:00. We explained that we had already been rolled over, and that we only needed a hotel and a cab. She quickly told us that there were no hotels available in Denver, and within 50 miles of Denver. She told us that we would be spending the night in the airport, and that we should keep our food receipts and send them in, since there were no food coupons to be given out. Despite the fact that the majority of people in line were there for a hotel, and that they had been directed there by the gate agents, not once did any employee come out and announce that the line was only for people needed to rebook flights, or that there were no hotels. Or that the only restaurant that would be open after 10:00 was Burger King.

To say that we are frustrated is an understatement at best. We both took off half a day of work in order to get to Gunnison tonight. We rented a condo that we did not get to use. We paid for a fly-fishing excursion that we did not get to use. We missed a day of vacation, since, instead of sleeping in our bed, waking up and going fishing, we were forced to stay up all night in the Denver airport, and get into Gunnison at 9:45 in the morning, with no sleep. I understand that delays in the airline industry happen. What I don’t understand is why not one person was willing to assist us in fixing the problem, and making sure we arrived in Gunnison, despite the delay. We lost a day of our vacation, a fishing trip, a night in a condo, and time we planned on spending with friends. Instead, we got no food, no sleep, and no help. 2 minutes. That’s all it would have taken.

At this point, the least you can do refund the full fare we paid for our tickets and the money we spent in the airport. It would be appropriate to pay for the time missed at work, the money lost on the condo and the fishing trip, and vacation we lost, but I know better than to expect that. And you certainly can’t give back the night of our life we lost, stuck in the Denver airport, trying to sleep in shifts on the filthy floor. You’ve ruined a vacation. Please do what you can to fix it after the fact.

so. DON'T EVER, EVER fly United. There are probably 500 people here stuck in the airport overnight. A few agents told us that this has been happening every day since the past year. If only United wasn't teh only airline flying into Gunnison. But they are. Hopefully I'll be fishing tomorrow afternoon. That, or in a Denver jail. Night Night. I have the first few trades of The Sandman, A Cormac McCarthy book and a two episodes of BAttlestar Galactica to get me through the night. The bar closes at 1:45.

The Pea's Nirvana

well kids, The Pea and I are off to Colorado, - home of Nectar of the Pea - Coors Light. Though we won't be visiting the hallowed grounds that Adolf Coors built in Golden, we will be staying with Camille and Adam in beautiful Crested Butte. I plan on spending the next four days fly fishing and drinking good beer. I can't imagine anything better (well, not that doesn't involve Pamela Anderson and a pygmy goat). As discussed, I really love the water, and standing in a crystal clear mountain stream all day looking for trout is about as good as it gets. Plus, we haven't seen Camille and Adam since Coventry in the fall of 04. If I have internet access, I'll try and rap at you, but I don't foresee it. Please don't rob my house while we're away. See you Sunday. Keep the town brown while we're gone.

Monday, June 26, 2006

runnin on empty

Woke up sunday morning , still feeling saturday night.

A late night and most of a bottle of 1792 assured that an early morning boat outing would be postponed.

I woke up, mowed the yard, and settled on the couch to watch the tail end of the 1980's classic Three O'Clock High, which has a pretty realistic fight scene between Jerry Mitchell and Buddy Rivell - sloppy, lots of wrestling and punching mixed in.

Andy showed up at 2:30, boat in tow. Steanso bailed. Pea decided to join us, despite some misgivings.

Andy is part owner of a 2003 Air Nautique. It's a helluva boat - 23 feet long, 350 cubic inch engine mounted in the back - a lot like this one, but with lots of speakers, lots of blue, red and white party lights.

We put in at hula hut, and were in the water by 4:00 in the pm. We had lots of fun, listened to some tunes. took a two hour cruise up north - we passed the 360 bridge, sandra bullock's estate, and saw wild turkeys fly over the river. we got far enough north for calm waters, and i tried on the wake board for the first time in 5 years. I was marginally successful, getting up every time, but landing any jumps was a bit of a challenge. the boards have come a long way since the skurfer i learned on. They are a lot lighter and easier to get out of the water, but the lack the stability of the three fin in the back system of the old skurfer. that, plus the elevated rope tie in that Andy's boat has, and suddenly i'm up in the air higher and without nearly as much effort. the downside, at least for me, is that the new boards are double sided and only have one fin on each end. this allows for reversals, but also takes away some of that stability you got for the skurfer. so, on my first attempt at a big jump, i landed face first, knocking my eyeballs to the back of my skull. i got back on the horse a few times, and finally got my feet under me, but the cold water and the fact that i hadn't been pulled behind a boat in 5 years made me pretty tired. i attempted no more big jumps. perhaps a few more trips, and i'll be jumping high and hurting myself again.

At 7:00, i realized we were far from home, and needed to head back. i had plans to see the band of horses, and mandy needed to get ready for vacation. Andy decided to wakeboard home. as i was driving, a sputter. sputter. cough. cough. engine cessation. andy fell down. what's wrong, he asked. i think the engine is messed up. no, were you doing anything weird with the throttle? not unless pushing to go faster and pulling it to slow down is weird...i think you're out of gas. no, the gauge says full. well, dude, i think you're out of gas.

as we floated closer and closer to the rocks, we discovered that we had no gas, we had no reserve gas tank, and only a $1000 ski to use as am oar. so i jumped into the cold, cold water and swam the boat out to the middle. andy opened a beer, mandy flagged down a jet skiier. the jet skier came by, only to have her jet ski die. i pushed her away from the rocks, and finally a family pulled up, and towed the jet ski to her friends, and began a 45 minute tow for us to the Lake Austin Estates. Though the fella on the dock at Lake Austin Estate (LAE) claimed to have been the original DJ for MTV, and the best Dj in Colorado (yeah, i know) I got feelings of Hills Have Eyes. Having given the last of my cash to the towing family, we were without funds with which to pay for the gas offered by the LAE-ers. I called JackBart to come pick us up. JackBart gets the "Friend of the week" award. JackBart loves an adventure, and is always willing to pick up or deliver people at any odd time (at 9 at night at the LAE dock, or 4 in the morning to the airport, for example). We owe him dinner, at least. Thanks, JackBart.

Andy and Rami took the boat in, but we have yet to hear from them, despite a few calls. We hope they are ok.

We got home at 10. On the plus side, we saw lots of owls at the dock. which i love.

We leave for a fishing/hiking trip to Colorado tomorrow. I need a book to read. I am on a run of good books lately, and i welcome your suggestions. The last few books i have read are:

All The King's Men by Robert Warren
Generation X by Douglas Coupland
Already Dead by Charlie Huston
Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy
Comics interspersed.

What should I read on this trip? The front runner right now is the last in Cormac's border trilogy.

i thought i hurt getting up sunday. i certainly felt 32 this morning. all those parts of my body that aren't used to getting pulled were screaming at me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

saturday delivers a death in the family

slept late. had the pea's pancakes for the first time in a long time. wanted to try coffee, even went so far as to pour a cup. nope, stomach not that strong yet. (but strong enough for mexican food 3x since friday). it's funny realizing how your body really tells you what it can handle. in my situation, the things my body least objected to, in order:
caffeine (tea only)

i expect caffeine in coffee form is next, since it is all i have left. but, it's the scariest one left.

after some work on the new flower bed, af sensat came over for 2/3 of whiskeeto practice. our 2/3 side project's stage name is "hey, someone get those two drunk assholes off the stage."

we had a few drinks,

practiced, then went to steanso's for a drummier practice. plans were made for bowling. we went to cherry creek for dinner. bowling scrapped. games played...the reclusive north american sultry jackass appeared. games ended...

(see andy rock. see steanso hide his "tells")

dies this week. it was a fun outlet to drop reviews for all things multimedia - concerts, records, movies, games, etc. sadly, people got wrapped up in their own blogs and readership fell down to the contributors. i personally felt like the kid who had no place writing there. the other writers all seemed to be rtf majors, and had much more background than i did. still, i liked posting there as well as reading their thoughts. we even got picked up by national media once, and got into a pissing match with a state popular writer. goodbye nano. i will miss you.

Friday, June 23, 2006

from ringo with love

Now it's time to say good night
Good night, sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night, sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night, sleep tight
Now the moon begins to shine
Good night, sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night, sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night, sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you

Good night, good night, everybody
Everybody, everywhere
Good night


lying (laying? im too tired to think) in bed last night, i was going over all the cases i had set today in court - going over my arguments, figuring out ways to maximize the good traits in my clients and minimize their jail time. sometimes it is really hectic. even when i'm not working, i end up thinking about the cases, strategies, law, etc., no matter how much i'd rather not. it certainly didn't help me get to sleep. anyway, i started to realize that sometimes this job is pretty stressful. a lot is riding on how well i do my job. so, when i headed down to the court at 6:something this morning, i was feeliing a little frustrated, overwhelmed and burnt out.

however, my day at court went REALLY well. the two cases i thought about all night got resolved with the necessary outcome for my client (and what was just, i think). then, a well respected attorney (and one i really respect) complimented me on a case he knew i had handled. which made me feel pretty damn good. sometimes i get really cocky and think i am super lawyer, and sometimes i think i'm just barely floating along. it's nice to be told you do a good job. plus, with few exceptions, i like all the people in my work environment. travis county has a very unique relationship between judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys - almost everyone not only gets along, but most people are friends, despite which side they are on. i seldom work in a hostile environment, even when fighting over highly contested issues. it's nice when you enjoy your job.

since i had no sleep, i'll not be making it to see sonic youth tonite. i'm tired, plus i saw them at thier peak, on the Confusion is Sex tour back in the mid 80's. so that's hard to top. tonight i plan on drinking some nice red wine my dad left at the house, watching some tv or a movie, listening to music (i'm in a stones, clapton, grateful dead kinda blusey mood right now), and taking it easy. hopefully tomorrow i will join steanso on the lake in a sea faring vessel - i havent skiid or wakeboarded in a while, so that would be nice.

sunday - Band of Horses. rock.
peace and love kids.
i wanna be sedated.


man, now i can't sleep. i think i passed my threshold and now can't get tired. i went to bed around 2, read some old TMNT trades, then turned out lights and watched clock turn for a few hours. just writing about that damn dresser got me all worked up, i guess. so, i'll tell you a little more, cause i know how much you care. it was about 5 feet tall (an adult sized dresser for a kid). it had some trim that stuck out about 1/2 up, between 2nd and 3rd drawers (from bottom) i'd grab that, hoist myself up onto the rail, then climb on top sometimes. i bet i fell off that dresser a hundred times. even once i moved into this house, i'd climb on top of it to paint ceilings, change lightbulbs, etc. i fell off that thing as recently as 2001. maybe it's better it's gone. maybe. this is the worst therapy ever.

at this point, do i even try and go to sleep? between 4 and 6 is the worst time to be awake, cause nothing good can happen. i can't do any chores, cause that will wake up the Pea. and going to sleep is just a tease, and makes it hard to wake up. But, a Friday night after a no sleep thursday is always fun. if it weren't for this damned stomach virus, I'd spend tonight on the couch with White Russians and Big Lebowski. I'm sure I'll figure something out. Maybe a happy hour at someplace cheap and laid back (not the Brown Bar - tho that was fun). well, maybe i'll go read some more.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

band of horses

im really digging the band of horses. they're a new band (i think), and they have a sound that reminds me a lot of flaming lips (maybe because of the voice, or maybe because the first track mentions christmastime, which i associate with the flaming lips for some reason) meets my morning jacket (cause of the reverb). I really don't know much about them. I try to get to work early (or just sit in the back room) and start each day reading CNN, Ain't It Cool, various blogs, The Statesman and Pitchfork. Pitchfork has pretty pretentious reviews, but they do get access to a lot of music and cover various styles. I've discovered some really great bands just through reading their reviews. "Who?" you ask...well, I first heard of Dr. Octagon (though I got the Cd from AF Sensat), Fiery Furnaces, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Mountain Goats, M. Ward, Franz Ferdinand, (and more!) through Pitchfork (or through Pitchfork through Gary M.) Anyway, their review of this album made me buy it. It's great - really beautiful and lush. imagine a smoother, echo-ier neil young album (early neil young). you can dig their video from for Funeral here. They're playing the Parish Sunday night. you should totally go. totally. They'll be all the rage at next year's ACL or SXSW.

I'm up late tonight. But, i'm booze free. which is a drag when you're up late. I'm not all that tired, plus I have the phones, so i'm hoping by staying awake, i'll somehow will the phones to ring. I haven't had a good jail release in a month or so, which is a long slump. In all fairness, the first few months were superkickass, but recently, not so much. I still get the calls that wake me up, so that sucks too. oh well. i'm hoping.

i'm also trying to clean out and reclaim the house. Both the Pea and i are pack rats. it's sad but true. We have a 3 bedroom house, but really only use 1.5 rooms. we are trying to downsize, but it's hard. I have some comics stashed in a closet. our parents have gone through that dumping phase where they give you all the shit they decided was keepsakeable. in boxes. so, we have that taking up space and needing us to go through. and throw some stuff out, and keep some for our ratty little kids to look at and throw away later. plus, Pea has inherited a whole bedroom suite (suit?) that is nice, but basically renders a room unusable expcept as a guest room. of which we have few of the overnight kind. Anyway, an incident at a garage sale a few years back has made us a bit reticent to get rid of stuff in a hurry. (it's a long story, but it involved a miscommunication, or lack of communication, and me selling a dresser that i had had since i was 2. i used to pull the drawers out, each drawer a little less than the one below it, climb to the middle drawer, and sleep in there. also, since the dresser ws made in 1976, the drawer liners had this cool bicentennial quarter kind of print. neither mandy nor i realized the attachment i had until 5 seconds after i sold the dresser. as i watched the family load it into the car, i started freaking out. i told her i didn't want to sell it. she said, go tell them. but i couldn't. i asked her to. she couldn't either. i was willing to pay more than they had bought it for. but it was too late. they drove off. i was sad. Pea cried a little. had steanso been there, he would have laughed. but, the new kid was really excited. so there's that).

whew. this is better than therapy.


i miss my dresser. i wish i could sleep in it tonight.

when it rains...

...water pours out of the wall and into your back bedroom.

Yeah. The Pea and I have been battling a somach virus, The Pea is faring worse than I. After a brief recovery and returning to work yesterday, she woke up this morning at 5:30 with round two. Then, when I got out of the shower, she asked my why there was water pouring into the back bedroom for the wall that shares with our bathroom. I threws oem towels, and headed to work. I'll deal with that later.

So that's nice.

I gave in and made tacos last night. Delicious, delicious tacos. I stopped after four. I don't feel great this morning, but i think it was worth it. Mandy may disagree. She is currently sleeping off a Phenergan pill.

After tacos, I headed to Steanso's to watch the remake of Hills Have Eyes. I don't knw why. I didn't like the original. But, I was in the mood for horror, and there it was. I really never liked the "deformed people kill civilians" style horror (with the exception of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which I don't really like, but does scare the living shit out of me). As opposed to feeling claustrophobic and having most of the blood off screen like TCM, recent movies in this style (Wolf Creek, for example) rely on lots of gore and depravity. Yeah. great. I really wanted to see the girl from Lost get raped by a mutated person. Or see thet mutated person breast feed form Lost girl's sister. I haven't seen Saw or Saw 2 or Hostel. And I don't want to. I like scary movies like poltergeist. and Wickerman. and The Shining. anyway, that's my two cents on that.

I also watched Fire Walk With Me for the first time. I never watched Twin Peaks when it was on, but I borrowed Team Bloom's copy (before they were actually Team Bloom) and watched it during the time i should have been studying for the bar. I really liked a lot of it, and I am surprised it took me this long to see the movie. It was actually really good, and really creepy. Plus, it had David Bowie. And, looks like it was the inspiration for the name of one of the Phish Festivals.

In other news, just as I have decided to hold on to the truck for a while, it turns out I am helping kill polar bears. damn. does it help that I olny drive it 2-3 times a week, less than 10 miles each time? probably not. what to do?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mavs lose, A Pox on Bloom

i sit here a ilttle heartbroken (to go along with my guts, which are also broken). The Mavs lost to the Heat in six games. I really didn't expect the Mavs to go this far, I kinda figured their chances at a ring ended 3 or 4 years ago, much like the Rangers' chance ended in the late 90's. So, I'm glad they made it this far. Still, I'm frustarted by the way the game ended.

Why didn't Avery have the guys hacking shaq from around the 4 minute mark? Instead of shaq MAYBE making 2 out of 4 free throws, Wade hit a shot and Posey hit a 3 that really killed the Mavs. The call on Dirk when it looked like Wade hit him around a miinute left was bush league at best. I saw no foul, and certainly not a foul to call with a minute left in the final game of the series. It seemed like the refs tried to make it up with the loose ball foul, but by that time, there were 10 seconds left. Yeah, Dirk definately passed poorly on the (next to) last possession, and the Mavs sucked it up after the 1st quarter. Plus, the crowd was...awful. They might as well have been at home. I am no conspiracy therorist, but I am very sure Stern and the referees as a group are very happy that Cuban doesn't have a ring. The bad calls seemed to favor the Heat in this series. I hope Cuban throws a fit and gets fined some more money. Avery did a great job, and I hope the Mavs come back this far next season.

Bloom, I begged you to shut your hole. I respected you enough to keep my moouth shut when it was obvious the Steelers had the SB in thier grasp. But, no. "I can't affect the game," you said, and just prattled on. May your dirty Pittsburgh teams never make it to the playoffs as long as you or your children live.

I watched 16 Blocks and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. Both were enjoyable. I have a soft spot for Bruce Willis, so that may bias 16 Blocks. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was better, but you have to be very comfortable with interactive directing.

No post tomorrow. Funeral.

my addiction

I know, on some level, everyone has some addiction. I'm not talking about drinking liquor at 7 in the morning or a toot of the yayo at lunch, but NEEDING those two or three cups of coffee every morning or that cigarette or glass of tea at lunch.

Personally, I drink a cup or so of coffee 3-4 mornings a week. I have tea (and it's usually 3-4 glasses) at lunch 3-4 times a week as well. I have beer or wine at night 3-4 times a week too.

I haven't eaten solid food in two days, or had anything other than water to drink. And you know what I miss the most? It's not coffee, it's not beer or even red wine. It's Mexican food. and i miss it badly. I probably have it in some form or another every other day, if not every day. a burrito or enchiladas for lunch. At least a cheese tortilla for a snack. Tacos for dinner. Today, i left work again early since i was sweating rivers by 10:00. Despite the fact that I have had nothing more that caldo, broth, half a bowl of potato leek soup, maybe 10 black-eyed peas, and water since Sunday night, and have had problems with that, i was tempted today to stop by Taco Bell on the way home. Mandy talked me out of it, and i guess thats good. But I'm jonesing.

I'm aiming for Thursday, but i don't know if i can hold out.

i also miss butter. last night i tired to have some bread with the potato leek soup. i bought a fresh loaf of italian white from the market, sliced it open, and it just cried out for butter. so i spread some on. ate a slice. bad idea. oh well. i still love butter

when it comes down do it, most things i love are the good things. good beers, imported or micro-brewed (if i want a drink, and the only beer in the fridge is coors light, i go without). nice wines. rich foods. stupidly expensive coffees. some have gone so far to call me a food snob. i guess i can't controvert, really. except...

oddly enough, the only thing that i love that isn't "good," is mexican food. I seldom eat fast food other than a grilled cheese, but i can't say no to Taco Bell. And i'll try any hole in the wll that serves mexican food. the cheaper, the better. and i'll drive out of my way to go there. go figure.

Monday, June 19, 2006


yeah. i woke up around 3:30, stomach revolting. Still, I headed to wrok despite the cold sweats. held it together through a heinous morning, left the courthouse around 12:30. Had soem soup at a place called the Chicken Bowl, came home. slept from 2:30-8:00. just had soem more soup and about to settle in for a movie.

The Pea woke up around 10 or so, and decided to take a quick trip to target for pedialyte and crackers. she claims to have almost fainted, and had to use a basket to support herself. She was horrifed at the prospect of fainting in the Target and having 911 called.

We are on the mend, but at this point, Beck tomorrow night is in doubt.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

stupid mavs, stupid overtime

i need to be in bed, but the mavs can't seem to finish in Miami. so i'm writing and watching the OT.

Can you believe Mickelson's implosion today? it hurt me to watch.

I am keeping my "enjoy the weekends" philosophy firmly in place. Last year it seems like everyweekend i was working on garden or house or something. I don't think i went to barton springs more than twice. that being said, i had lots of plans for saturday. thankfully, the rain derailed them. Instead, i met sigmund, feral andy, the Andy Parker crew at the GingerMan to watch some world cup.

After the match, we piled everyone into the truck and headed to the Springs. The out of towner's were duly impressed. (that's Andy Parker foolishly leaning against the tailgate of a 1970 truck, Sigmund's leg, some part of Tim O' Shea and some copper tubing)

damn, wont the mavs stop shooting 3's?

after the springs, Andy and steanso stopped by for some improptu crack practice. Dr. Palka arrived in his rental pimp-mobile, and we headed to the Market for meat products. We grilled and commensed to drinking. The Pea went out for girls night. Foolishly, she decided to bring the girls back to the house. In my defense, I just want to point out in advance that I had been drinking for about 10 hours when the girls showed up (with some breaks). It was mandy and susan, and Tiffany, whom i had never met. Tiffany was introduced to me as a teacher. Assuming that everyone knew about the AISD teacher getting fired for nudie pics online, my first question was "you have naked pics of you up on the net?" This confused young Tiffany, and set the tone for the next 45 minutes or so. Weedo arrived. 45 minutes later, having discussed the smell of sex, cougars/cougar dens, and yoga, Tiffany and Susan took their leave.

The Pea went to bed around 1:00. Weedo, Dr. P, Steanso and I had some more drinks, and Weedo broke out the cloves. We listened to music, sat in the backyard, and just shot the proverbial shit. It was nothing exciting, but I certainly had a great time. After the storm passed, Steanso and the good doctor took their leave. Weedo stayed until 3:30 or so. I woke up on the floor at the crack of noon (long story) and we headed to Jason's Deli for some quick lunch with Steanso.

crap. Mavs up by 1, 9 seconds to go, Heat ball.

Off to Buda for father's Day. Sadly, the Pea got some food poisoning from Jason's Deli, and started barfing as soon as we got to my folks'. She is not a puker, and hadn't blown chunks in 10+ years. I drove her back home, dropped her off and went back to my parents. Nice dinner with the folks. Back home. Mandy ralphed a bit more, but hopefully is done.

Mavs fouled Wade with 2 seconds to go?

Good to meet you, Pope. Hope you can come back to Austin soon.

Good to see Andy Parker and Steph and Jenn Z and Tim O'shea too. you kids come back when you can't stay as long.

Ellie is joining us on a jaunt to Port A. The EGI is up to 93. In what can only bode poorly for the awesome possum, we have seen Ellie more recently than we have seen the possum. It's been two weeks i think. crap.

Signing off. 1.9 seconds to go.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rainy Day, Mushroom Pillow

im gonna drop some quick legal advice on you, in two parts:

part 1: if you get arrested, are lucky enough to get your case(s) dismissed, GET AN EXPUNCTION. An expunction is just another step in clearing your record up. It has all records of your arrest destroyed. Even if your case was dismissed, cops and prosecutors and judges will see that you have been arrested before. And in their minds, a previous arrest is a previous conviction.

part 2: No matter how SURE you are that she is pregnant, NEVER ask your probation ooficer when she is due at your first meeting. NEVER


ok. it started raining last night and was raining when i woke up this morning. super. we really need it. both the ground and me. i got to sleep in til 9:30 or so, and i think i got some pretty good sleep.

after work i headed to the brown bar (ehhhh) with steanso and some folks froom his office. a few drinks til 8 or so, then picked up The Pea, dinner at hyde park grill, then to Team Bloom's back porch for sipping, listening and talking. Wine was enjoyed by all. Sigmund expertly provided a soundtrack for us: Beck, Television, Rolling Stones, Late Night Tales....we sat in the backyard, enjoyed the nice breeze and talked of all kinds of things, workish and non-workish. we took our leave around 1:30, and a good time was had by all (naturally, I'll say it was the music). it's nice to get off the grass couch now and again. thanks for having us Team Bloom.

Pea and I watched a little Mr. Show when we got home, then off to bed.

The Pea woke up singing Strawberry Alarm Clock, and that has me in a great mood this morning.

A shout out to Nervous Eddie and Big Johnson, rockin in a free world down in Bonnaroo.

Hello to Andy Parker and Steph, Jennifer Zawacki and Tim O., in town for a wedding.

And Dr. P., in town to move his parents out of it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

what did the elephant say when it saw a dead aunt?

DEAD AUNT. DEAD AUNT. DEAD AUNT. DEAD AUNT. DEAD AUNT... (sung to the tune of Baby Elephant Walk)

Well, it's friday. an up and down week, but a quick one, it seems. This dead aunt thing has me in a bit of a strange mood. to be frank, I'm not all that broken up, but it's weird. She's my dad's sister (thus the "aunt"). Her name was Virginia. She was victim of a hit and run early in life (getting off the school bus) and has been in the state school ever since. pretty much paralysed and toddler-esque. she could recognize people and things she liked, but couldn't do much more than smile and coo. So i didn't really know her. still, it's weird.

in other news, crack practice was last night. and we fumbled around a bit. we may have a new song coming in to play. We have no lyrics yet, and we have expressed a desire to move away from straight profanity, so we'll see how that goes. We also watched some bizarre German music video involving dachshunds and baby girl angels. And then we watched autistic basketball players. Which led to a discussion of retarded kids in our schools. i know you can't say retarded anymore.

I talked to my sister today. Her name is Diana and she lives in the OC. She is married to Ryan. They both work for Fidelity Investments. Which is weird, since they are both mildly retarded (or, developmentally challenged). Here is a picture of them in a field. A deer grazes in the back ground.

Thursday, June 15, 2006



M: 1/2 day work. drive to cleburne.
T: 1/2 day work. drive to austin. tapes n tapes.
W: full day work. on call. no money.

jail. court. jeff fahey. lunch. municourt. mojito. worldcup. office. home. aunt died. practice. mavs lost.

it's a werid time in your life when people you know start getting married, the early bloomers at 19-22, most around 24-28 (remember when you started checking ring fingers?) You get the stragglers around 30-35. (this is where the "second rounders" pop up). If you haven't been to their wedding by 35, chances are, there's not gonna be one. Then, the weirder time comes; when the number of funerals you attend replace the weddings you attend. You get the early croakers: at least one high school acquaintance will have a paret who dies, great grand-parents, then the grandfathers; then come the grandmothers, older aunts/uncles, the unexpected parent (or friend's parent) death in their mid-50's: cancer or the ticker. Then it's your aunts and uncles, then parents. hopefully you outlive your kids. then your friend's kids start the wedding cycle. and then you and your friends start dying.

we're under attack!

The Wilsons have a mosquito outbreak (this is not to be confused with a whiskeeto outbreak - whiskeetoes show up and drink all your liquor, mosquitoes show up and drink your blood and give you Bird Flu or West Nile Virus). For some reason (heat?), many, many bugs are trying to breach our own little fortress of solitude. A click beetle, roly poly, or fly here or there is annoying. Mosquitoes are more than that. They are coming from the pipes/drains/faucets, which really scares me. I think that either we have a Mansquito holed up under our house, breeding little mosquitoes and releasing them through our pipes; we have a pipe leak and they are breeding somewhere in an unseen puddle and coming in through the pipes; or (and i guess this is the least concerning) they are coming in through poorly sealed doors, windows, etc, and once inside, are just going to the pipes/faucets/drains in order to get to water. A massive clean out and window caulking is in order this weekend to determine the above. I am also buying some mosquito fish for the pond, in case the pond is causing more mosquitoes (though I doubt it, as the water circulates at a pretty high rate.)

I welcome your advice (but only about the mosquitoes)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sage advice

"Ray, when someone asks if you're a God, you say "Yes"!

If you get a cabinet from home depot that contains 100 pounds of pot, and 3 kilos of cocaine, you go to Mexico.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the bands, im sorry chris p., egi

eddie k picked me up for the show, since i had no car (thanks ed). got to stubbs around 10. (a few of the first shows i remember seeing when i first moved to austin were indoors at stubbs. i had no idea how much to appreciate them-stubss only holds around 200 inside. the shows i saw there early on were: soulhat, jazz madolin project, man or astroman?) cold war kids were gone, the figurines were starting up. Mavs were down by 6, 2nd quarter. teh figurines were from denmark. bass player looked like matt mccounaghy, wooderson era. lead looked like a younger king of leon. they rocked, some claimed they were a one trick pony. maybe, but it was a good trick. upstairs for a drink and to say hi to gary and jackie. mavs up by a lot, 4th quarter. i foolishly, foolishly jinxed the game with a text message, and talk of a sweep. (crispi, if the mavs lose, i'll take you and your lady to dinner as a consolation prize).

tapes n tapes took the stage. the drummer played a cool kit: bass, big snare, big floor tom, a ride, a crash and a hi hat(i think?). the keyboard player rocked a tuba now and again. seemed like they copped all their beats from 80's records. but they played their asses off, and i loved them...check either of this bands if they roll thru your neighborhood. Somewhere in here the Mavs lost. Dirk missed a free throw to tie the game with 1.4 seconds to go. scheiss!

The EGI is up 5. here's how:

cat as excuse for no contact : -1
one eyed cat: +1
one eyed cat named Bill: +1
one eyed cat named Bill who survived being run over (by a car) this week: +1
going to happy hour after work on friday: +1
coming over immediately from happy hour to tejas trail: +1
saying she would not "stay late": -1
because of Bill: -1
high-fiving and yelling during winning moves in games: -1
Backing up and joining the Pea as a bad loser in losing moves: -1
staying late (a gentleman never tells how late a lady stays): +5
the door incident: even

91. Ellie's back in the A's, even though it is an A-. It's still an A, right? It's still great. Unless your parents (or you) are (your own) slave driver(s). Then an A- just won't do, will it? Nothing's ever good enough is it? You lazy bastard, couldn't you have just gotten an A or an A+? You make me sick!

I'm back!

back from a long morning, but a successful outcome in Cleburne. Much to the dismay of republicans everywhere, an illegal citizen will not be going to prison nor being deported (well, not for this, anyway).

Only a few hours sleep lasty night, thinking about case, strange bed, etc.

Long long drive back and day at office. Plan on blowing it all off with a kickass night at Stubbs indoors with Eddie K and Special Friend Gary Meyer.

Tapes N Tapes and the Cold War Kids. I love a tuesday night show.

Thankfully, according to Chris Sanders and this study, as long as I drink plenty of coffee the morning after, drinking a lot of booze is good for me. perfect

Monday, June 12, 2006



it's been a busy few days, and I'm rapping at you today from my old hometown of Cleburne, Texas. Yup, that's right, fate has landed me back here again. But first, a quick catch up. Saturday night after Steanso helped Ellie out the door, I stayed up and listened to some music for a few hours, then watched about half of Life Aquatic. Saturday i joined the wiser half of team Bloom and Steanso at Barton Springs. Then went to a wedding recpetion at the Mercury Hall. Despite the mess from the night before, the lack of sleep and the promise Pea, Steanso and I had made not to stay up late, and not to end up back at the grass couch, a few cocktails at the wedding had us inviting the Whiskeetoes (the people, not the band), back to join us at the couch for some bloody marys and coors lights. AF did unspeakable things immediately upon entering. However, he was forgiven. The awesome possum was a no-show for the second night in a row. Steanso surmises he may have been hit my a speeding volkswagen. We all hope not. Our guests stumbled out around 1:30. Pea and I listened to some music and watchd a bit of The Deadliest Catch. Crabs are both awesome and strange.

My plans to sleep in on Sunday were interrupted early on by a jail call. A transgendered DWI, to be specific. To quote Judge Leonard, "you can't make this stuff up." Since I was at the jail, the Pea mowed the yard. Then she went to the pool with Kellie. I watched some TV, did some laundry, worked out. Pea arrived home, and we journeyed to Vespaio for our State of the Union.

Our State of the Union normally is held at Vespaio, and we try to have it annually. It started there out of the blue, and has seemed like a good idea ever since. Talks of beaches and vacations cut the talk short. A great meal was enjoyed.

Then the Mavs won, and Crispi was in attendance, so I'm sure he was excited, and most likely, obnoxiously enthusiastic.

Today brought my triumphant return to the town of my 6th grade through 12th grade years, Cleburne, Texas. I have a case set here tomorrow morning. My mom was in town Sunday for a baby shower, and she decided to stay over a few nights with friends and ride back with me. I rolled in today to meet with the prosecutor early. That went poorly. The offer is the max. And, better yet, I have no contact with my clients. Tomorrow should be interesting. The only people I know still in town are ex-girlfriends, so I won't be calling them up. You can't buy alcohol in Cleburne, except at Applebee's or Chili's. So I won't be enjoying a beverage. On the plus side, the folks I am staying with have a pool. So i've been there for the past two hours.

Cleburne's weird now. Everyone I used to know is gone. It is growing, turning into a suburb of Ft. Worth. It's weird coming back here as (gasp) an adult, and weirder still as a (gasp!) professional. They have turned my old junior high into the courthouse. I met with the DA in a converted classroom I used to hate. I moved here in 6th grade, so the first few years were a little rough. The junior high has some good memories (first girlfriend) and some bad one (wood shop, new kid)I don't miss Cleburne. I wish I stayed in contact with more old friends. There's no place like home. You can never go home again.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Long Good Friday

sorry it's taken so long to get at you. Friday was long, and good, as the title may or may not imply. I couldn't sleep last night, maybe it was the strong Tea at Suzi's, or maybe it was something else. Either way, I took a long hot shower around 2:30, hoping it would let me go to sleep. Nothing worse than turning in the sheets with sticky legs. Shower helped, and I think i fell asleep around 3 or so. Woke up about 5 and a half, fell asleep again around 6:30. alarm at 6:45 was rudely discounted, slept until 7:53. Jumped into shower, shaved, grabbed a starbucks from the Pea, at work by 8:31. After that, I went straight to court, then straight to the bank to sell the car. Everything went well, the kid buying the car (Bobby Cheatham I think) is an ad salesman for the Chronicle, and in a band called The Chapters (again, i think). He and his lady liked the phish cd's in the maxima when they test drove it, and he dug old school Ice Cube. I hope the car serves him well. Back to work, clients, off to lunch with Pea at the Ranch. back to work, busy until Tillman popped by around 4:23. Talked new gambling cases til Steanso took me home around 4:50. Got home, Yea! it's Friday, had some drinks and tried more Sympathy with Steanso. Pea showed up, then Ellie. Ellie's been out cause her cat Bill, a one eyed belle, was hit by a car last week. Lost an eye, and hit by a car, and still a survivor. that's one hell of a cat. a mean eyed cat, if you will. steanso and i journeyed to the market for some sausage and vegetables for grilling. food was grilled. next came the games. womyn v. men. men won round one: taboo. womyn won round two: catchphrase (albeit in a controversy - catchphrase has little official rules). The rubber game was obviously the next step.

"rubber game" in and of itself became a game, as Ellie claimed it had a different meaning in bridge than commonly assumed. I only knew the phrase as a baseball term, meaning the tie-breaker. we were both right. it has never happened before, and, god willing, it will never happen again.

men won cranium, game three. Afterwards we headed to the grass couch for a possum watch. Pea went to bed, ellie home. steasno and i discussed evangelists, presidents. i recall Clinton's exit numbers to be 42%, because of the pardons. maybe i'm totally wrong. either way, i think his exit numbers were the lowest in decades. i think bush will make people forget that, and give clinton his due. we also debated the evil factor of intent. is it more or less wrong if bush believes what he is doing in the mid east is right, versus if he knows it is just for oil? if a televangelist were selling "blessed towles" to followers, would it be any better or worse if he believed the towels really were blessed by god, or if he thought they were just plain old towels? the end result is the same. soldiers die in iraq fighting for something they believe in, or old folks buy towels blessed by something they believe in. both are wrong, and wasting their lives/money based on the statements of leaders. but does it matter the intention? ellie came back, unable to open the front door. steanso led her out, and now i am dropping knowledge on you. that's it. im gonna finish my drink and head out. the three hours from last night should render me sleepy. but i'm getting my third wind. I got a crazy offer for my truck today: round rock express tickets for the clements game. yeah, i'll trade my truck for that. I didnt reply to the guy yet. However, it is funny enough that i am thinking of changing my ad to say "interesting offers considered."

can't sleep

damn. i've been trying to go to sleep for a while now, but i just can't find my way there ("you go to tired, then make a right")

I'll drop a quick post off and try again.

The Mavs won! thats 1 down...
weedo forwarded me a funny espn take on the finals and pop culture

My review of Season one of Big Love is up here.

my truck is for sale here.

An article today said that iPods are more popular than beer amoung college aged students. (I bet adolf coors is turning over in his grave - iPods don't lower inhibitions and let kids get naked and regret it the next day). Apparently, iPods have an approval rating of 73%. Beer was tied for second place at 71%. Tied with beer was i don't even know what that is. I am out of the loop. No wonder all the cool kids killed themselves at 27. i guess i didn't die before i got old. oh well.

on the plus side, Friday is here already.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday. Almost Friday. It's been an interesting one already. Started out this morning in court, back to office.

A guy and his girlfriend/wife came to look at the car. First thing he does, slams her hand right in the door. hard. That's no good. So, they take a while and I have to go meet with a client. I threw them the keys and told them to drop them off with Shari if I was still in the meeting. My meeting with new client went looooong (and I don't think she hired us), and the car shoppers were gone when I got back.

Ran out to Del Valle to meet a new client. Learned some fascinating heroin terms. Rigs. Rinse. etc.

Back to the office. left a message with car shoppers. off to dentist.

now, as you may or not be aware, i do have a few obsessive/compulsive behaviors. one of them is constantly wanting to brush my teeth. everytime i go into the bathroom, i want to brush them. And, i tend to brush them hard. So hard, that i was told to get a sonic care toothbrush, cause i was brushing my gums off. so i got the sonic care. used it like mad. gums ok. sonic care ran out of new heads last month, so i've been brushing the old fashion way. i looked in the mirror the other day, and noticed i could see, in my opinion, way too much tooth on my eye teeth. no gums. so i went out and bought some new heads for the SC, and scheduled a dentist appt. it went fine, but i did get a small lecture about my gums. which are sensitive. and getting worn down. apparently you don't need to brush 7 or 8 times a day. they say.

get out of dentist office, and there is a message on my cellular about an offer on the car. looks like we have a tentative deal. i'll find out for sure tomorrow. i hope so...

Mavs play Game 1 of the NBA finals tonight. Should be very intersting, seeing them take on Wade and Shaq. They swept in the season, but one game shaq was out, and the other proved to be a turning point for the Heat. I'm pretty excited. for the mavs, the car, and my gums.

later, kids. take it easy tonight. root for the mavs. take care of your teeth. (and shoes)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bono vs. Sting

last nigt was crack practice. I rushed home from work, and started dinner for the band - enchiladas. With some recipe assistance from J.Lo, I boiled soem ancho peppers in broth/water, pureed them, then added some garlic, salt, pepper and cumin, and boiled it down. I flash fried the tortillas, dipped them in the sauce, and filled them with a four cheese mixture - cheddar, monterrey jack, chihuaha, and a little velveeta to smoothe it out. Then i covered everyting in sauce and a little more cheese for good measure, and threw them into the oven. Also put together a pitcher of margaritas, sadly finishing off the nice booze i brought back from mexico.

After dinner, we headed to Steanso's to rock. We played sufficiently evil, with some nice satan invoking lyrics. We even tried to play Sympathy for The Devils. (you know something's wrong when crack is trying to cover a stones song). We closed out with an oldie but goodie, a "make you cry" version of "with or without you." After practice we discussed satan in rock, from the real deal satan worshippers (bands we've probably never heard of) to the guys who did it for show (KISS, metallica, slayer, etc.) In a upsetting show of aging, we dicussed diffeernt grass planting and watering methods, as well as plumbing issues. Then we listened to our practice, and andy stole the show with some alien robot commands. Our next show promises to amaze and offend you on all new levels.

There was some debate on who is more popular with the female fans: Bono or Sting. Feel free to chime in with your insights.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

goodbye billy preston

i'm having to do this way too much lately. Billy Preston is dead today at the young age of 59. Billy was a phenominal Houston born organ player, who had a string of hits in the 70's incluing "Nothing from Nothing" and "Will it go round in circles" (which phish covered). He is probably better known for his work with The Beatles in the Abbey Road/Let It Be Sessions and work with the Stones from 1970-76 ( a tremendous run that included Sticky Fingers, Exile, Black and Blue, Goats Head Soup). He has also contributed to albums with Clapton, Sly and the Family Stone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, and on and on.

Billy P. was always smiling, and sported a tremendous fro for as long as I can remember. He had a hand in lots of music I love. He will be missed.

59 is young, folks. You only get one shot at this life. don't waste it, it could be gone any day. travel. blow some money. go see some music. make some music. kiss someone on the mouth (preferably someone who won't sue you). read a book. write a book. whatever. just don't take it for granted. no one lies on their death bed wishing they had spent more time at the office.

Grab Let It Be (preferably on vinyl) tonight, and sit back and enjoy yourself.

In other news, crack practice is tonite. it also happens to be 6/6/6. Since there is very little chance of us channeling Billy P tonight (no offense to our organist), i guess we will invoke the dark lord, aka Satan, aka the Devil, the Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Belial, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Karl Rove. It's not so much that we worship the devil, but it is sooo rock and roll, right? plus, Sigmund is pretty adept at making pentagrams.

A super hero in the making, destroyed

sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, it was a bit hectic. I started off teh day at 3:oo, when i woke up with a spliiting headache on the right side of my head. I rarely get headaches, and almost never where there was no booze involved, so that kinda freaked me out. I thought perhaps the ghost was bothering me, but I listened for voices talking about cheese and macaroni, heard none, tried to go back to sleep. At 4:00, I gave in and went and ate two aspirin. Fell asleep around 4:45. I skipped the dog walking with Pea, slept in til 7:30, and headed to work. Work was busy, but office busy, not court busy - writing letters, getting ready for today, etc. Post work I went to the Market with The Pea, and came home and made delicious, delicious shish kabobs - steak, pineapple, mushrooms, homegrown tomatoes, bell peppers, onions. Steanso joined us as we plowed through another episode of Big Love. I feel very "take it or leave it" with the show. Only two episodes left in the season, so I'll watch, but if it doesn end well, I'm out.

Today I got up early, took dogs for walk, in office to get ready for a few hearings. Reed Shaw (or "Weedo") made me a Tragically Hip mix, which I enjoyed on the way to work. I am in the process of breating 2006 ACL Fest Primer Vol 1, so tha hsould be done soon. Between Waterloo, Cobra Kai and Weedo, I got more new music than I know what to do with. That's a good problem to have, kids. Beats the hell out of hepatitus C, as far as problems go.

Well, Im off to another exciting driver's license hearing.

Enjoy your day. It's going to be an oppressive 97 degrees here today, and into the 100's by the week's end.

Finally, in China this week, a baby was born with three arms. I have always thought a third arm would be so useful. (I actually always wanted a prehinsile tail - can you imagine the possibilities? shift gears, hold drinks, massage your own back, etc..). However, this kid, who could have been the savior of the Chinese people, has had that option taken away. Doctors removed his arm today. Whatever happened to "with great power comes great responsibility?" He could have been awesome. Fighting crime with that third arm? shoooot, those crooks wouldn't have had a chance.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Break-Up

As promised, a brief review over at Nano.

does sunday = funday?

woke up quick, at about noon...

well, really, around 9, but hey, sometimes you just need a little eazy e in your life.

so, crawled into bed around 2, after successfully, but sadly resisting the temptation to watch a movie. woke up slowly, then had some coffee and toast with the pea, and listened to some pancho sanchez and tito puente. The pea headed to yoga, and steanso and I to Barton Springs. Barton Springs was nice, as always, and we ran into Lee and Jon and Kim and Sigmund.

After the Springs, the Pea and I went to see The Break-Up. The Break-Up was a rom-com, and they normally suck. a lot. A big part of The Break Up was about Vince Vaughn's character, and how everyone liked hanging out with him, but everyone always did what he wanted. He never did things other people wanted to do. CrackBass, already a little self-conscious from previous remarks (nay, attacks) of the day, couldn't help but think this applied to him as well. On the one hand, i WAS at a rom-com. On the other, I do tend to apply my ways and wants to things we do. In my defense, I often only do so when no one else can make up their minds, or has a suggestion. I do tend to be vocal about what it is I want, however. I do a lot of planning, and sometimes plans just aren't what you need. ehhh. I'll try to back off. I've said this before, I'm sure. we'll see how long it lasts this time.

Anyway, the movie was good. much better than i expected. MUCH BETTER than X-Men 3. Much. Vince vaughn is funny, and if you liked him in swingers and made, then you'll like this movie. if not, well...i dunno. he was the best part of it. Like Love Actually, everything isn't all wrapped up at the end. and that's refreshing to me. I'll post a full review on Nano in the next few days, if you give a crap. otherwise...

Watched the finale of Sopranos and an episode of Love Monkey. Heading to bed around 11:00, cause I'm not feeling all that well...

Sunday is almost over. three day weekends should be the standard. I like my job a lot, but I don't really wanna go tomorrow. That's why Sundays, in my opinion, are not fundays. Are they better than a monday? sure. But Friday and Saturday got them beat. And a lot of Friday is spent at work, and it's still better, cause Friday night is unlimited. Sunday has that dread factor. can't do anything too fun, cause work is tomorrow.

The EGI is down two points for no contact, despite the fact an entire blog was dedicated to her. She is currently holding on to her B+ status with an 87.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

garage sale

the stupid garage sale came early. friday night i collapsed into bed around 2.5 bells, and was up for the garage sale at 6:45. The Pea hung some posters, my folks showed up to assist, early birds gathered around waiting to be the first to peruse our old stuff. Don the Dragon and I readied the truck for sale, washing it, polishing it with compound. After an hour and a half of repetitive karate training, I decided that wax on/wax off was better left to the folk at genie. so, for $20, they hand waxed the truck. (who was named "senor" at one point, then "krusty", and finally, "senor krusty"). while the car was being waxed, Don and I wandered into a few guitar stores looking for a way for steanso to blow him hard earned money. Then ventured back home. The sale was nearly over, and the old green recliner that had been in the wilson family sinve 1979 had yet to sell. I co-opted it for college. There was a time in my 1st junior year that my roommate, John Walkup) and I refused to sleep in our beds or rooms (I have no idea why). So, for a few weeks, we would alternate on who got to sleep on the couch, and who got the blue recliner (he has been recovered since that time- the recliner, not walkup) one of our dogs has taken over the green chair. the chair is old, and has little to no ass cushion left anymore. However, it is one of max's favorite sleeping holes, and is now covered in dog hair, and to be brutally honest, also suffered some attacks during the pre-housebroken days. In the brutal outside light, it showed it's age. No one bought it. I was reluctant to bring it back in the house, so we put it out on the curb for free. Quickly, the illegally run nursing home from across the street grabbed it. Bye old recliner. you served us well.

After the sale, i headed to see XMen3 with JackBart. Man, it sucked as bad as you've heard. i won't spoil it, but, the dialogue was miserable. The one line I'm still shaking my head at? "I'm juggernaut, bitch." awful.

After the movie came a short nap, then dinner at Maudies. A quick target trip gave Steanso and the Pea the fix they needed, and set up a night light battle for later, then I was home to watch the Mavs clinch their trip to the NBA finals. When we left Maudies, the Mavs were down by 14 points. I figured game 7 was all but guaranteed. Glad they pulled it out. The game was in Phoenix, and one fan had a sign: "|Call this one right, refs" Guess I'm not the only one complaining about the idiotic officiating. (Get your dress ready League. Or, if I get to write three blogs on your site, I am honored to be the one who brings it back. Though I will be writing as you, I will, of course, add soem more cursing.)

We atched some SNL, then headed out ot the backyard to listen to music, the pond, the frogs, etc. Although I do spend a lot of time working in the backyard, I certainly do enjoy being out there. During the day I watch the fish, look at all the new plants growing around the pond, or dropping out of agavebot. At night, there are always forgs, toads, possums, etc, nosing around. Plus, the outdoor speakers allow a little music to drift our way. Even in the summer, once the sun goes down, it's nice out there. It also helps having a friend living across the street. Although Steanso did point out that we are becoming hobbit-like - we don't stray far from home. Perhaps a great adventure soon awaits us. The Pea and Steasno dropped out around 1, I came in for soem animal planet.

Watched about some african ants: crazy colony, guards, termites, etc. and then again about the killer jellyfish in Australia. It's getting late and I'm heading to bed.

off and away

Friday, June 02, 2006

I love eleanor f, do i love the truckosaurus?

i was feeling pretty craptastic around 4:30 - 9:30 today. Which is weird, as you know how much I love Fridays. As I was discussing with the Pea, just this morning, I still get sooo excited about Fridays. I start getting excited on Wednesday morning, cause, heck, friday's almost here. on wednesday morning, it's already weds, and weds is almost over. I'll go to court in the morning, then its lunchtime, then the day is halfway over. afternoon i'll get ready for tomorrow and return phone calls. then the day is over. then i watch some tv. then its thurs. same as wednesday, but closer to friday. and therefore shorter. Thurs night sucks, cause i am on call. so i normally dont get much sleep. and i don't do much after 5:30. no walking dogs, no running, no drinking, no eating out. no doing nothing that i can't give up in 5 seconds. But, if i make some money, it makes it worth it. Cause i got money for the weekend. Firday morning is awesome. cause when i wake up, it's already friday. maybe i have court, but hopefully not. if not, casual day. Then Friday is like a shorter thurs or wed. lunch is super awesome cause it is friday lunch. i get off, and its friday night. staying up late, listening to music, sleeping late on saturday (which hopefully means til 9, or maybe 10, if i stay up late).
Yeah. I love fridays, so it was a drag i was feeling poorly. Maybe too much caffeine (3 glasses of tea at lunch and dinner, very little water), or lack of sleep, or the ghost, but I had an awful headache. took some astin around 9:30, started feeling better around 10:30. Steanso came over after a gothika viewing, and we all had a cocktail and listened to music outside, then, after the mosquito attacks, inside. we discussed high school teachers and politics, and listened to the Fiery Furnaces. golly, do i love them. still one of the best shows i've ever seen, at the parish. just between the gallowsbird park album and blueberry boat. so a combo of the two. blues, but sped up and angular. the show was 5 songs, each song lasting 10-15 minutes long. I really didn't give blueberry boat a chance, cause it was so different from the first album, which i loved. the EP a few months later bridged the gap, and i listened to blueberry boat again. It is soo magnificent. eleanor is one if my fantasy famous lovers that pea approves of (and, luckily, drew barrymore). If either of them offers to kiss me in public, i think i get to say "ok."

im planning on selling the truck tomorrow (de ja vu, said the rabbit), and thats weird. ive had it for a few years now. i sold my old car to pay off credit card debt, and bought this 1970 chevy truck (supposedly with new engine, brakes, etc..)for 3500, hoping to save lots of money. no, jackass. have put a lot of dough into it. it gets 10 miles to the gallon. it is a v-8. it loves oil. loves it. i hate all those things. but, it is a cool truck. when it works, i LOVE driving it. but, it's like 5 large just sitting in the driveway. that i dont use but once a month. and, my pops lives 20 miles away, and he has a truck i can use anytime i want. so, i sell the truck. sell my car. buy me a car i love in the fall when the new cars come out. but, i do like the old green truck when i drive it. what to do? what to do? i hate having sentimental attachment to THINGS. if you own a rug, you own too much?

tomorrow is another day. it will tell me what to do. (well, it, and the leprechaun) never worry about anything today you can worry about tomorrow.

fiery furnaces. dig it.

winning streak/losing streak

Well, the Mavs won. and handily, at that. The two technical fouls oaginst the Suns with 9 minutes left to go in the game really sealed the deal. Just like the two non-calls against the Suns did in Tuesday night's game. The refs are just too involved in these games if you ask me. Anyway, I'm glad my Mavericks won. I hav little doubt the Suns will win the next game, and the series will go 7.

In losing streak news, I has the phones again last night, and once again, no jail calls. If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to start pimping out my neighbor, and eventually, myself.

Finally, Blogo De Wilson has learned that one of his close friends is quitting smoking. Congratulations! CrackBass knows how hard it is to quit. I recommend lollipops and popsicles. Congrats on your first week. It only gets better. Now, if only you could get rid of that worthless husband....

Speaking of quitting...

look, Weedo, Steanso, and JackBart -
there's hope

Have a great weekend. Team Wilson is having a garage sale this weekend, much to my dismay. If you want any of our old used shit, come on by.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rare political post

Though CrackBass has fairly strong political leanings, and was even a poly sci/history major, I try to avoid ranting too much on here. Steanso does it much better than I do, plus, it's just something i don't enjoy writing about. I enjoy arguing politics, but I generally do so off the top of my head, and my thoughhts seem to flow better orally than in writing. Basically, I don't like writing them down, because it feels more like work than fun. Because of the subject matter, and the often conflicting views, I feel the need to edit and streamline my thoughts on a blog. I know people are going to disagree and attack my views, so I feel my arguments need to be airtight. Suddenly it feels like I'm writing a paper for school. And that's not why I got into this gig.

That aside, SMBloom has alerted me to a Rolling Stone article set to hit the stands this Friday, about the 2004 election. The article is written by RFK, Jr. and describes the "stolen election" of 2004.

I doubt anyone who knows me, or who even glanced at my ramblings, would be surprised to discover that I am not a Republican. Surprisingly enough, I certainly used to be. I grew up in a very conservative (as well as Southern Baptist) household, and in high school, saw nothing to contradict what the right wing was saying. Not until college at Baylor did I start to question the repubs, and I even retained some of those feelings upon moving to Austin in 1997. However, by now I have seen the light. I still have some pretty conservative fiscal views, but I am a liberal. It's true. I may not seem so compassionate, but I guess I am, dammit. I even went so far as to sponsor a Kerry fundraiser in 2004. Shoot, I even had a bumper sticker (given to me by Chris and Hannah) on my truck that said "Bush made me a Democrat." And I hate bumper stickers (all things "sticker" for that matter).

I guess I'm glad this article is coming out. I just don't think it matters. Especially since it is being published in Rolling Stone. I can't remember when RS was a credible news source. Even I read some of thier artcles and discount them, cause they are so obviously biased. And, having been a staunch Republican in the past, I know any Republican reading this article (if they even bother to do so) will write it off as "the liberal media." It's an interesting read. Frustrating. But not surprising to anyone who reads and believes it. And I just don't think anything will come of it. I don't think America cares. Couldn't the Times have picked this up? 60 Minutes? Someone besides RS?

Anyway, check it out. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

In other news, Mavs play tonight. I think it is a must win game. It certainly is the biggest game in Mavs history since the 80's, and maybe ever. Chrispi disagrees.