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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Ellie Gamble Index (EGI)

The EGI was created for Eleanor Elizabeth Gamble, around 3:00 am on Festivus, 2005. I first met Ellie through Hannah Temple, at a shower for Hannah and Chris, probably around 2001. Since that time, Ms. Gamble and I have developed a lovely brother/sister type relationship. Ellie will often drop off the map, caring for foster children and other kindly things. Over the years, Ellie and I have had our disagreements: she is a vegetarian, I love meat (and also happen to hate vegetarians); the Kill Bill shirt incident; the correct spelling of women (Ellie believes it should contain a "y" - womyn), the correct pronunciation of "fiery"; etc.

At Festivus last year, I was shcoked to realize that Ellie, normally an early departer from parties, was still present at 3:00 am. At this point, I realized, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, that Ellie had a score. And on this evening, at this time, she was a 98. SM Bloom quickly asked me what the score was, and why a 98? "No one gets a 100," i quickly replied. I have no idea why I said this, but it seeems like such a good idea. the 98 Ellie received that night was shocking, as just a few weeks before, Ellie had dropped down to a failing grade of 65, after sleeping through the annual crack gig - Live At Ruta Maya, 2005. But late attendance and willingness to deal with us at that late hour at Festivus forgave that, and then some.

Since that time, Ellie has gone down a few points, for no other reason than you just can't stay at a 98 by doing nothing. But not too many points. Ellie loses a point or two each week we don't hear from her. She gains those points back by doing something with us, or calling, or emailing. She gets points for staying late at parties. She loses points for being a vegetarian. Etc.

I will post the EGI once a week or so, just to keep you updated. So, you'll know who she is, I have included a few pictures of Ellie.

Is it possible for Ellie to get to 100? Yes. But only by doing one of two things.


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