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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the horse lattitudes

Not a particularly eventful day. Again. Post Memorial Day lag, I suppose. As Steasno puts it, we're back in the doldroms. Once again, I wasn't in court, so being in the office all day (as opposed to being in court in the morning and office in the afternoon) really makes the day seem longer. I don't know how all of you desk jockeys make it out there. I'm just too hyperactive I guess (I'm sure it would be called ADDHD these days, but growing up, the teachers always told my folks I was "hyperactive and talked too much.")

The Mavs lost last night, which really bums me out. Anyone watch the game? I half-heartedly watched, figuring the Mavs would blow this one. Still, it seems like the refs/networks/NBA really want this series to go seven games. Mid third quarter there were two pretty flagrant bad calls. One where Nash pulled Nowitski to the ground by his jersey, yet the Mavs were called for a 3 second lane violation, then a no-call where Nowitski was pulled down while going for a rebound at 65-66. Suns went on a 7-0 run after getting the rebound, Mavs never recovered. Not that the whole game can be blamed on the refs. The Mavs did lose by 20 points. And that is just ridiculous. But NBA officiating sucks. period.

I am also trying to plow through the DVR'd Big Love on HBO, clearing the way for Entourage and Deadwood. I plan on posting a review soon of Sopranos and Big Love over at Nano. Hopefully. Anyway, half way through its first season, and Big Love just isn't pulling me in. They have yet to explain why either the men or the women would agree to enter into polygamy. Even the "to propagate the religion" argument isn't mentioned. I just don't get it. But, hey, I ve seen Bill Paxton naked so many times in the series, there had better be a big payoff, so I'm gonna finish it out.

If this isn't enough of me for you, you can check out my latest review of new album lengths here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The ghost

Today was a relatively uneventful day. I didn't have court today, so I was in the office, doing mostly office type stuff - phone calls, getting things in order, etc.

Since I have no other exciting news, i will recount last night's ghost story (although Steanso has already mentioned it)

yesterday Team Wilson was low on sleep. After sleeping for about 3.5 hours Sunday night, we woke up Monday and we went to Maudies to eat. Andy invited us to his pool. We arrived, had some beers, Jason cannonballed. Soon we were tired, and headed home.

The Pea and I were in bed before 10:00. In a rare moment of weakness, the dogs were allowed to sleep in our room, Max chose the bed, Lucy the closet. A night of bizarre dreams caused me to wake up every few hours. For some reason, I woke up around 3:00, in time to hear Lucy walking across the floor out of the closet. Mandy woke up around the same time. I realized that I heard a woman's voice, coming form the back bedroom. I didn't know what time it was, so I assumed it was our neighbor Doris, talking to someone right outside the back bedroom window. Only it sounded louder. Like thye TV was on, and there was a conversation going on. Mandy asked me if I heard it, and what it was. I turned on the light, and the voice instantly stopped. Or maybe it stopped before I turned the lights on. But I know for sure that there was no voice once the lights were on. Oddly enough, neither dog barked, which was werid cause they will bark at anything. I assumed maybe a TV was on, but we don't have any TV's in that part of the house. I walked around, and checked computers, radios, etc. Nothing. Mandy thinks she heard the voices talking about Kraft macaroni adn cheese. Which is less scary, but would also rule out a radio going off for no reason, as I 'm pretty sure they don't advertise Mac and Cheese on late night radio. Anyway, we both heard the voice(s), and have no explanation. Any weird studff that has happened in this house in the last six years has been explainable, mostly. This is by far the weirdest (well, weirdest non-Steanso thing). So Mandy is pretty freaked out. I personally don't believe in ghosts, though I'd like to. Huh. On top of which, I had really, really weird dreams. all night. Turns out so did Steanso. Weird things are afoot on Tejas Trail


Memorial Weekend Wrap Up

The three day weekend is gone. It was fantastic, though they never seem long enough. Sunday we had a small cookout. Big Johnson arrived in town around 2:00, just as I was finishing the flower bed. Despite the clouds, we headed to Barton Springs. Sun came out just as we were arriving, so that was a good sign. We stayed for a few hours, then headed home to prerpare for the cookout. Newlyweds Erin O'Neil and Jason Franz arrived first, followed quickly by Vikki (minus Dan), Team Bloom, and Kate and Judy. Eddie Kaye followed. The Whiskeetoes arrived an hour or so later, after an outing on a mysterious sea going vessel. (shhhh! it's a secret)

(Team Franz, Big Johnson, Team Bloom await grilled meats)

Much food was cooked. I manned the grilling of hotdogs, steaks, hamburgers, fajitas, sausages. Feral Andy Sensat cooked up his famous potato logs. Homemade ice cream was churned. (Here Andy and Mandy add rock salt/ice)

Dan Hamre, fresh from laying wood floors arrived around 11:30. In an unprecedented, shocking (and, to be honest, somewhat offensive) move, the Whiskeetoes were first to leave. Their departure at 11:45 sparked the first fllight, also taking out Team Bloom and Team Franz (a good showing in their first backyard appearance - Festivus doesn't count).

The B team having departed, moustaches were passed out.

At the specially designated hour of 2:00 am, Big Johnson and I broke out the special Sammy Smith Ales.

Everyone had new cameras, so many experiments with timers, low light photos and self portraits were made.and pictures of portraits.

The remaining three non houseguests remained until circa three am (after waiting for cab to arrive). The Ellie Gamble Index is a healthy 89. Pea, Big Johnson and I called it a night around six in the morning.

A good time was had by all (I hope). It was pointed out that I often moon people at parties, as a way of saying goodbye. I tried to disagree with this statement, but was quickly shouted down. I refrained Sunday night, so that must be good. I guess.

Monday involved brunch at Maudies, swimming at Andy's, hotdogs for dinner, in bed by 10:00 pm, and a ghost in the house around 3:00 am. More on the ghost later.

The Ellie Gamble Index (EGI)

The EGI was created for Eleanor Elizabeth Gamble, around 3:00 am on Festivus, 2005. I first met Ellie through Hannah Temple, at a shower for Hannah and Chris, probably around 2001. Since that time, Ms. Gamble and I have developed a lovely brother/sister type relationship. Ellie will often drop off the map, caring for foster children and other kindly things. Over the years, Ellie and I have had our disagreements: she is a vegetarian, I love meat (and also happen to hate vegetarians); the Kill Bill shirt incident; the correct spelling of women (Ellie believes it should contain a "y" - womyn), the correct pronunciation of "fiery"; etc.

At Festivus last year, I was shcoked to realize that Ellie, normally an early departer from parties, was still present at 3:00 am. At this point, I realized, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, that Ellie had a score. And on this evening, at this time, she was a 98. SM Bloom quickly asked me what the score was, and why a 98? "No one gets a 100," i quickly replied. I have no idea why I said this, but it seeems like such a good idea. the 98 Ellie received that night was shocking, as just a few weeks before, Ellie had dropped down to a failing grade of 65, after sleeping through the annual crack gig - Live At Ruta Maya, 2005. But late attendance and willingness to deal with us at that late hour at Festivus forgave that, and then some.

Since that time, Ellie has gone down a few points, for no other reason than you just can't stay at a 98 by doing nothing. But not too many points. Ellie loses a point or two each week we don't hear from her. She gains those points back by doing something with us, or calling, or emailing. She gets points for staying late at parties. She loses points for being a vegetarian. Etc.

I will post the EGI once a week or so, just to keep you updated. So, you'll know who she is, I have included a few pictures of Ellie.

Is it possible for Ellie to get to 100? Yes. But only by doing one of two things.

Monday, May 29, 2006

it's been a while since everyone left.

The owl doesn't sleep. he watches when you go

i am max headroom's keeper. he lives within me. if i touch you, you may explode.

yes. this hurts.

it is late or early. why are we still up?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now it's time to go to sleep

It's been a long, weird, wonderful day. I swam in Barton Springs, The League is back, my night was good with Pea Steanso and Tom Waits, there are at least 4 hours left til sun up. I say goodnight as a gentle rain falls on Austin.

All is well.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day one of my three day vacation,

and it looks like I have helped kill something beautiful. On the same day I post about not being offended by stuff I say. The League is dead. Long live The League.
the first night of the three night weekend is gone. alas.

but, it was a great night. The Pea made tacos for the band, including a new entry into the taco field - shredded chicken tacos. I wisely stoppped at 4 tacos. I really wanted the 5th one, but I stopped.

Crack practice went well. We listened to last week's monumental "hey you," and kept the vibe from last week going. Sigmund debuted his new trombone, Silverback. We had dueling trombones. Andy and Sigmund had bone breath and hands. We hung out and listened to ourselves after practice. We all stumbled home around 11:something. I came home and listened to some music, had another beer, watched the Mavs highlights (Steanso has no cable, as he is in a feud with Time Warner and the games are on TNT, and went to bed arround 2. Kickass! The Mavs won.

In other news, I am half-heartedly boycotting The League (this means I will keep looking at his site, but I won't enjoy it). The League has posted a headline over at his blog with giant spoilers for a movie I wanted to see. I am also angered by the revelation that The League has dropped. What the movie has done to the source material is nothing short of blasphemy. Will I go see this movie? maybe. If i see it now, will I be less pissed than I would have been had I not known what was going to happen? probably. But, now I don't have a choice. The League has ruined that for me. I know he is pissed. I am too. And I assume he is trying to punish Ratner and co. by ruining the movie for everyone, and therefore keeping people out of the seats. Most likely, he has done that. Still. League, you pecker.

Finally, absent the above paragraph directed at The League, nothing in this blog is about anyone. These ramblings are just that. I have been told some folks have been offended by my rants. Get over yourselves. This is not about you. It is just some jackass's way of getting shit out of his head so he can sleep. If you disagree with something I say, then post a response. Disagree. Stop reading. whatever. But don't take it personally. These are my opinions. If yours are different, that is fine (I hope they are different). You may be a a yuppie, a Republican, you may have loved Gen X, maybe you hate the Mavericks, etc. I don't care, and you shouldn't either. If I have offended you, well, i dunno. I want to be sorry. Want to. Kinda.

Except you, League. I am thinking up a punishment. I need your address.

I'm off to build the flower bed. Then to the Springs. Then i have tomorrow off. Then the next day!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Desmond Dekker dies (and other forms of alliteration)

The music world has taken another hit today, as Ska pioneer and legend Desmond Dekker died today. He was probably best known for his top 10 hit The Isrealites (it's loud, so turn your speakers down), but his influence is far and wide. Dekker started out in 1963 preaching good behavior ("Honour your father and mother" was his first single), but that changed in the late 60's as he came out on top of the "rude boy" movement with his first huge hit "007 (Shantytown)". "Rudie Got Soul" is undoubtedly the influence behind The Clash's "Rudy Can't Fail." "The Isrealites" came in 1968, and with it, Dekker's biggest hit, #1 in the UK, top 10 in the states. Even The Beatles jumped on the bandwagon, with thier homage to ska (kinda) Ob-La-Da, supposedly referencing Dekker in the line "Desmond has a barrow..."

He had his next big hit covering Jimmy Cliff's "You can get it..." That's where my limited knowledge of Dekker ends. Except that Andy Sensat and I saw Oysterhead cover The Isrealites in New Orleans at the Saenger Theatre in 2000.

He was great, I'm sorry I never got to see him. Everyone from Bob Marley to The Beatles to The Clash to The Specials to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Gwen Stefani was influenced by Dekker. Go buy some of hs music, relax, sit back, let that Jamaican vibe sink in, and devote a few minutes of your day to his memory.

Have a great weekend.

Wo hoo!

Three day weekend is almost here. As you may be able to tell, i couldn't be more excited.

Practice is tonight, and no work tomorrow - means we can play a little later, and can drink a little more!

Big Johnson is coming into town!

New X-Men movie is out (yeah, it may suck, but still), Maltese Falcon is showing at the Paramount!

Barton Springs everyday!

I had the phones last night - some sleep - calls came in at 11:45 pm($75,000 agg assault bond), 3:33 am (DWI with collision - no bond), 5:16 am (Public Intox). Couldn't get any of these cats out of jail.

Since I was up, Pea nd I got up around 6, took dogs for walk, then went for a run.

Blasted some Loverboy to get the weekend started off right (thanks iTunes).

off to protest taxes.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A quick one...

Busy again, so here's a quickie....

Mavs lost, and that sucks, but this bet with The League makes it all the more fun. Looks as though one of us will be making some guest blogs on the other's site. Will the guest attempt to write as if he were the other?

Glad to see Lay and Skillings were found guilty. This may seem odd coming form a defense attorney, but I am glad the jury didn't buy their bullshit. 32 years is a damn long time in jail (that is Lay's max exposure, I think - 30 for this and 6 months a piece for some prior guiltys). I know some people think it isn't enough, but if he doesn't die in jail, he'll be pretty old when he does get out.

Had lunch with Chris Sanders at Dirty Martin's - OT with cheese - delicious. Plus rings and fries.

Today's mail was awesome. Got some CD's from the Cobra Kai Dojo (including Gnarls Barkley), plus an iPod AV kit. So Memorial day will be rocking. It's about time for a new mixtape to disseminate to friends - I'll probably stay up all night tomorrow after crack practice and make one - so that's something to look forward to.

Three day weekend is almost here (wohoo!) No court tomorrow, but I do have the phones, so that means taking it easy tonight - no partying. Plus, i have a hearing tomorrow to contest my property taxes.

Peace out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

still waiting...

look folks -

this is your chance to dole out some type of humiliation to either The League or I. Still awaiting suggestions. You have until 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Requiescat In Pace - Clifford Antone

today Austin (and the music community) lost one of its heroes. Clifford Antone died today of a heart attack in his Austin apartment. He was only 56. Over the past few years, Clifford had his share of legal troubles (damn heartless federal drug laws - he was just selling some grass to fund his club), but he was known for his love of the blues, and his club, Antones, has been a Austin landmark for a long, long time. Every imaginable blues legend (as well as jazz, rap, country,rock, etc...) has played at Atones one time or another. I have seen Clifford out at the Broken Spoke almost every time I am there, as well as at his club. He was always friendly, and seemed to thouroughly enjoy both the music and the patrons. He will be missed.

A bet, Gen X

Well dear readers, the Mavs won their series over the evil empire that is San Antonio. They overcame themselves and thanks to some horrific officiating (even I think Duncan was fouled at the end of the game), the Mavs will be facing the Suns of Phoenix for a 7 game series beginning Wednesday. The League, Steanso's younger, more distinguished brother, currently resides just outside of Phoenix, in the burgeoning metropolis of Chandler, AZ. Since The League was stripped of his super hero status four years ago after an unfortunate and misunderstood incident with a baby giraffe, The League has been forced to take an interest in such mundane things as pro sports, and therefore, the Suns. I care for the Mavericks a great deal. A bet has been suggested between The League and I. If the Mavs win, then The League shall be forced to do something foolish (mowing the yard in a dress, a la The Simpsons, if only Chandler supported the growth of plants); if the Suns win, I shall do something. We are open to your suggestions. We will take submissions and will choose before tipoff on Wednesday.

After cramming what should have been a three hour read into three months, last night I finished Douglas Coupland's Generation X : Tales for an Accelerated Culture. This book has been recommended to me probably since it was first published in 1991. I have steadfastly refused to read it, mostly because I just hated the label of Gen X. However, after Steanso and special friend Gary Meyer repeatedly recommended it, I bit. In the end, I enjoyed the book. I did finish it, although there aren't many books I don't finish (mostly biographies, but I always know how they are gonna end). But, i didn't love it, at east not at first. The language seemed forced. Like Coupland was trying too hard. I really didn't believe any of the characters - they seemed like updated people from The Kool-aid Acid Test, or even On The Road. The cartoons, expressions and new Gen-X words with definitions in the margins were more distracting than funny. Steanso points out that the book was probably a lot more relevant and intriguing when it was written 15 years ago. I agree. I think the problem for me is that the characters purporting to be Gen X, which I thought was a label for those born around 1970-1975, were actually much older, maybe even 10 years older. However, as the book progressed, I came to care about the characters more. I came to relate to their sense of disillusion with the current system, accumulation of goods, environmental concern, etc. Either the forced uber-hip language/writing style became less of a focus as Coupland figured out where he was going with the characters; or I just got used to it. Either way, by mid-book I was actually looking forward to reading it, not just trudging through it. Does the book hold up 15 years later? Definitely. I think it is probably akin to what Thoreau was saying in Walden (which, shamefully, i have never read). The last passage, a three or four page epilogue of sorts was, to me, the most impressive passage of the book. If I were an emotional person, it might have brought a tear to my eye. Read it, or re-read it. It's my recommendation for the week. (not that I have had recommendations for the week before, nor plan on having them again)

Monday, May 22, 2006

ive got no time

no time for blogging today, kids...went straight from court to a lunch meeting to federal court, to the office. on phone all day with new client and Johnson County DA/clerk's office.

Game 7 of Spurs/Mavs is tonight. Go Mavs!

maybe more later. maybe

for your consideration, here is the car i want, if i ever sell my car. i am on the fence. is this conspicuous consumption? i mean, it is a 4 cylinder car, not some 8 cylinder gas guzzling monstrosity (although we do have a 4-runner, but, we do use it a lot - we have dogs, and tents and camping gear, and friends we haul around a great deal). i want a car that was built for driving. a high performance car. on the one hand, this is a hell of a lot of money. why not keep my car i have now (which i don't really love, but was also half the price)? on the other, I have worked at least two jobs ever since I got out of law school. If i can't enjoy the fruits of my labor, why do it? (and by enjoy, i mean other than the vacations and groceries from central market). is it more ridiculous to get a nice car when i'm 50? will it always be ridiculous to drive such a nice car? my dad's thoughts are that this car isn't THAT expensive, it's no lexus or beemer, etc. But i find that to be a weak argument. it is expensive. just because there are more expensive cars otu there, that doesn't make this one any less expensive. i'm torn. I do love it though.

I just don't want to turn into a yuppie (i'm already in a suit and tie all day, and in austin, thats almost enough). is it still yuppie-ish if you buy the products because of their quality and because you like them, not in order to impress others? i don't know. i'm afraid it is. Am i becoming what i always hated?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sat morning came early, after a late Friday night. Got up, grabbed Steanso, went to Maudies for breakfast. Mandy and Alicia waited at Maudies for others to arrive, including Susan. Steanso and I headed to Barton Springs (one of my favorite places on the earth), Mandy, Susan and Alicia joined us a few hours later. Left the Springs around 5, grabbed a snow cone (coconut with cream), headed home. Changed clothes, went to "The Lick" (that's the Salt Lick, for those of you not in the know.)

the gang at the Lick

After filling ourselves with bar b q, Steanso and I headed back to the house, the ladies out for a quick drink. When I got home, I let the dogs out. I don't know who was more surprised, the dogs or the baby possum on the porch. Max and Lucy chased the possum, who did a quick roll and fell into his best routine. Between his acting and my instructions, the dogs left him alone. I ushered the dogs inside, and watched as the possum opened an eye, looked both ways, and left the yard. He came back for a brief encore and photo shoot, perched in a small tree above the pond. Closer inspection shows Max may have tasted a small bit of possum Look closely for a puncture wound, mid body, mostly hidden by a leaf). Could have been messy.

(celebrity possum, hiding injuries behind the leaf)

Mandy and Alicia came home, we watched SNL and part of Super Troopers before everyone fell asleep. I thought about staying up and finishing the movie, but it was 1:30, and Sunday held big plans.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday - my Dad's birthday. Got up, headed out with the folks to the Becker Vinyards Lavendar festival outside of Fredericksburg. I rode out with Don, Mandy with Jajuan. Don and I listend to Dire Straights, Allman Bros, Raconteurs, Mountain Goats, and Harry Nilsson on the ride.

Had a nice meal, at a table of 10.
(Mom and Dad)

The couple next to us were Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Vice of San Antonio. Early 70's, he's been a exotic animals vet in San Antonio since the 1950's. World travelers. Hip, hip folks. Look them up if you're ever in SA-town.
(the Vices)

Five glasses of Becker's best wines at lunch meant the Pea was driving me home. I slept on the way, came home, mowed yard, cooked fajitas, called Steanso, watched first half of Hitchcock's Topaz. bedtime.

Three day weekend's a-coming. awesome.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Friday night, Alicia Fertita, of Beaumont, came into town. Alicia lived in the Avenue B house with Mandy, Andy, and other Beaumonters when I first moved to Austin, and I spent many hours at the Ave B house, eating Alicia's spaghetti and casseroles. Alicia now designs interiors in Houston, and it's been a long time since we've seen her. She's here for the weekend, so stop by and say hi.

Cleburne alum Erin O'Neil and new husband Jason Franz are back from their honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Kellie Jo had her new beau Damon in town from Seattle.

Alicia, Pea, Kellie, Damon and I started off the evening dining at Doc's on Congress. Steanso respectfully declined our invitation, wisely being scared of the thousands of new UT graduates and their parents who were descending on the city.

From Doc's our group headed to Shoal Creek Saloon to watch Game 6 of the Mavericks-Spurs battle. We were joind by the O'Neil-Franz party. And by the Whiskeetos, Andy and Rami. Andy did a wonderful whiskeeto impression, involving flapping hands, a straw and, of course, maker's mark. Reed T. Shaw popped in for a brief guest appearance (does the T. stand for Thaddeus, like Capt. James T. Kirk?) The evil, evil spurs were victorious, forcing a game 7. I blame the sillt suspension of Terry, as well as Reed Shaw's appearance. Reed showed up for the last minute of the game. The Spurs were only up by 1 point upon his arrival. Things went downhill from there. I also blame the League, for jinxing the Mavs.

Kellie and Damon left. Jinxing completed, Reed went home to his ladies, Meredith and Jen. The bar closed at midnight, so they kicked the rest of us out. We all decided to head home as well. "How about the Tavern?" someone asked.

12:15 we headed to the Tavern. A good time was had by all. Over more drinks, my phobia's were discussed (tape, hair). Pearl Jam, pasties, breast feeding in public, massages, pedicures for men also were hot topics. There will be no Memorial day party at 1801 Bee Caves. We stayed until closing time. We stayed a little past closing time. We were kicked out.

Our little group closed down not one, but two bars. Aspire to that in a few years, new graduates. I didn't see any of you there. you make me sick. What has happened to today's youth?

In other news, I need a new cell phone. I am basically on call whenever I am not at the office, so I have my phone with me all the time. Do I get the RAZR? It's small, which I like, but will it keep a charge? I haven't been happy with my last two Motorola phones. I really like Nokia, but I also need a flip phone. And theirs is huge. Hmmm. Decisions to make.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

permanent record

well, kids, truth be told, CrackBass was a little more off than he let on. CrackBass was deep, deep down in the shit. Lunch didn't really help. Nor did the music. I wanted it to, but it didn't. I came home, tried to take a nap. No luck. Know when you're too tired to sleep? Everything feels uncomfortable? Your skin is sticky. The sheets are sticky? The air is too cold? too hot? too humid? you can't sleep, but you don't wanna get out of bed?

Well, that was me. I wanted to go see the Femmes, but I wanted to stay home. Thankfully, I deferred to the Pea.
"Tell me what to do, i just cant think."
"go to the show. get tired. come home and sleep"
"ok...steans, i'm in"

So Steanso and I rolled to stubbs to see the Violent Femmes. on their 25th anniversary tour. As we listened to them,I realized what a huge influence this band had. They probably will never get the recognition they deserve. But they created a whole new style of music.

Their first record, the self-titled album, came out in 1982. A year after MTV was born. The album was the first time I ever heard depressing music set to an upbeat. They are the reason I now love The Mountain Goats. Heck, the Mountain Goats wouldn't exist without the Femmes.

They were punk rock in a non punk rock way. At a time when punk rock was giving way to glam rock, art rock, new wave, the Femmes came out totally different than anything you had ever heard of. At the time I started listening to the Femmes (10th grade or so), I was already into The Clash - rawer punk rock (but still pretty polished, compared to Iggy or the Pistols). The Femmes changed punk rock from power chords on electric guitars with cheap gear, producing feedback, to clean acoustic music, upbeat, with lyrics full of piss and vinegar, and with outrageous lyrics. Including the F-bomb.

Back to the show. After Blister>Prove, they played a few more hits, then came the change. Gordon dropped the tele, switched to a fiddle. Gospel hour. Suddenly Gordon was talking about playing Austin 30 years before, and started playing "Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain." Blue Eyes has a special place for old CrackBass, as he remebers listening to Willie and Friends playing through Don's record played as far back as he can remember.

A few weeks ago, Pea, Steanso and I were shocked at how old this record was. I thought I had heard it first in college. But listening to it tonight, I realized I had listened to it much earlier. I remember after my first breakup (with a girl from my church, Ashley M.), writing the lyrics to Add It Up, on a church bulletin, and leaving it in the offering plate. I hoped someone would see it, that someone would assume it was a suicide note, track down my handwriting, discover that the ex-girlfriend and I had broken up recently, and tell her how she had ruined my life.
How very dramatic. (boy, wasn't I a jackass)
Guess it comes back to the fact that I loved the Tom Sawyer dream - seeing your own funeral - how will they react to your death (or threatened death)?

Anyway, the show really took me back. To childhood (Blue Eyes), to angst filled youth (Add It Up), to now.

They closed with Add it Up...

Dropping the F-bomb. Punk(ish) Rock. I think this was probably the first (non NWA) album I heard with the F-bomb on it. At least that you could understand. - This was the song on the album that all the cool kids listened to. So outrageous. So raw. so happy. so sad. Gotta skip past this song when playing it in your parents' minivan's tape player.

Why can't I get just one kiss?
Why can't I get just one kiss?
Believe me,
Somethings I wouldn't miss
But I look at you pants and I need a kiss.

Why can't I get just one screw?
Why can't I get just one screw?
Believe me,
I'd know what to do.
But something won't let me make love to you.

Why can't I get just one f*^k?
Why can't I get just one f*^k?
I guess it's got something to do with luck
But I've waited my whole life for just one...

Day after day...

Just as she's about ready to cut it up
She says
Wait a minute honey I'm gonna add it up
Add it up

The show shook me out of my funk, and I really needed that. Thanks Femmes. Thanks Pea. Thanks Steano. I love you all. (or at least, like you a great deal.)

The Violent Femmes

When I'm out walking I strut my stuff,
yeah I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite
I just might
stop to check you out

let me go on
like I blister in the sun
let me go on
big hands I know you're the one...

...third verse, same as the first...

...Just last night I was reminded of
just how bad it had gotten
and just how sick
I had become

but it could change
with this relationship
(de) derange
we've all been thru some shit
and if one thing
I think this thing's begun

tell me now
(what do I have to do)
to prove my love to you

special favors come in 31 flavors
were out of mints, so
pass the life savers
I'm droppin hints
candy for candy-coated tongue

you'd be so good
so very good for me
what do you think?
tell me honestly
I'm (wait-wait-wait-wait-wait)
waiting for you to come

tell me now
what do I have to do,
yeah, to prove my love to you
(I'd do anything)
(I'd do it all)
(I'd do it all for you)
(I'd climb a mountain)
(I'd cross the ocean)
(I'd do it all)
to prove my love to you

back on top...

...sometimes all it takes is a nice meal and some good music. Our meeting with new client ran long this morning, so co-worker, and newly ambulatory Josh Saegert handled all my settings this morning. Not one, but two contested resets. So, to show my appreciation for his efforts, I took Josh to Sullivans for lunch. We each had 6 oz. filet mignon, spinach, and horseradish mashed potatoes, plus salads. Between that and repeated listenings to the Raconteurs, I am building up steam for the second half of the day. (though the heavy lunch is making me a bit sleepy).

Anyway, I'm back on top. Or, at least on the way.

For your consideration, here is a picture of Mr. Saegert, pre-leg injury days (but, it should be noted, post-indoor smoking ban days). Josh has been out of the rotation since breaking his leg in March, but he too is clawing his way back to the top. Welcome back, Josh. Hope you're back to your LaLa's days again soon.

ups and downs

well kids, CrackBass in a real sour mood this morning. It's one heckuva turnaround since my exuberance after yesterday's announcement of the ACL Lineup.

First, the Mavs lost. Crack's superjam wouldn't fit onto the stupid myspace page. Then, I was on call, didn't get a wink of sleep, and didnt make any money. I need to sleep. I had to be at work at 7:45 to meet with a potential new client. The new cleaners has been pulling out my collar stays and not giving me new ones. Of course I've been too lazy to go to the mall to buy new ones, so I'm sticking paper clips in there like some ghetto attorney. I need to sleep. Traffic was awful and I was 10 minutes late getting into work. Had to get Josh to take a continuance on an ALR hearing this morning at 8:30. I need to sleep. We already have plans for the whole weekend. I need to sleep. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Remember in the crappy remake of La Femme Nikita, where the etiquitte teacher tells Bridgette Fonda to say something like, "I never worried much about the little things"? Well, I'm the exact opposite. It's the little things that always get me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

eating my words,

and they taste oh so good...

ACL Festival Lineup is here. Bloom's info was correct, and then some. Cancel your plans. Sell your soul. Do whatever it takes to get here.

My highlights are:

Gnarls Barkley
Tragically Hip (may be the biggest coup of the bunch - though I hear Van Morrison is rare)
New Pornographers
Explosions in the Sky
Flaming Lips
Ted Leo
Calexico/Iron and Wine
Feist (does this and Stars mean Broken Social Scene will play???)
Kings of Leon
Black Angels
Secret Machines
Okkerville River
Wolf Parade
The Stills
Cat Power and Memphis horns
Los Amigos
Damian Marley
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Damien Rice (yes, sappy, guilty pleasure - like watching the OC or a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie)
Ray LaMontagne (see above)
Aimee Mann
Benevento Russo

and this is just on first glance.

hell yeah!

Cobra Kai - QUIT YOUR JOB, or at least call in sick

Weedo/Steanso/Mono - I need a ONE DISC Tragically Hip mix

I love Austin! I love Austin! I love Austin!I love Austin! I love Austin! I love Austin!I love Austin! I love Austin! I love Austin! I love Austin! I love Austin!

The broken back

Last night was crack practice. Sigmund's trombone was dead and special friend Gary Meyer was absent, preparing for an interview; so I wasn't expecting much. Also, I have been unhappy with my new bass head, actually liking my old Behringer combo more. But, man oh man, was I wrong. Bloom repaired his bone with some pliers, and we were set. I have been listening to a lot of Mountain Goats the last few days, and they are not what I would call "rockers." Acoustic guitars, strings, some piano. I thought maybe practice would be mellow, or at least my bass lines. Again, oh so wrong - on all counts.

For whatever reason, we came out rocking pretty hard/dark, and pretty tight. I was running bass through the Big Muff on and off, and it really sounded nice through the head/cab. Despite prior attestations, Steanso is really holding the 16th beats, and a line he read to me about the highhat being the time keeper has let me get into a new space playing bass. Knowing it was his old bone's possible last performance Bloom (and later, Andy) really got the most out of the trombone. And Andy's old keyboard through the wah pedal brought some kick ass lofi trippy sounds out. Sigmund's guitar work was stellar. Our first break came after an especially dark jam that ended with Andy producing animalistic yells, causing Sigmund to inquire, "you ok? did you hurt your back?"

Second "set" started out with us switching instruments. We got back to our own gear in time to finish up. We decided to play our first structured song of the night, A. Sensat's "Hey You." 15 minutes later, we all just looked at each other. What we had produced was the epitome of crack - you can check it out at our myspace page or at our .mac site (as soon as Steanso/Andy get the files up). We love it, and listening to it after practice, we were all grins, and even laughing. It may not translate, and if you hear it, you may scratch your head. But, that's crack.

Dig it.

or piss off. whatever.

PS - bought The Raconteurs CD today. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ACL Fest - early thoughts

Bloom and I discussed the upcoming ACL Festival last night while watching the Mavs...

For no great reason, i can't help but be a little disappointed at the lineup this year. Seems like each year there has been a show I am just ecstatic to see:

2002 - Wilco (this was right after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out)
2003 - Shins and Ween
2004 - (here is where they really started getting phenominal) Trey, Broken Social Scene, Calexico, Franz Ferdinand, MMW, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Pixies, Elvis Costello, Wilco
2005 - (and this is the one that spoiled me - it was literally a CrackBass wetdream...) Black Crowes (with Marc Ford), Allmans, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Death Cab, Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon, Spoon, Decemberists, Fiery Furnaces, Bloc Party, Kaiser Cheifs, Black Keys, Walkmen, etc.

...but not this year, at least not yet.

Each year has topped the previous. And these were just bands I liked. It seemed like the lineup was this exciting for everyone, no matter what kind of music you liked. I have never been excited about the headliner (REM, Coldplay, Ben Harper), but that's fine, a lot of people are. This year, the hype was that it would be Radiohead playing. Well, looks like that isn't going to happen. Instead, the headliner is Tom Petty. I like Tom, I hear he puts on a great show, and I've never seen him. But, he's no Radiohead. He will appeal to a bigger audience.

Don't get me wrong - I am excited about a lot of the bands they have announced for this year - New Pornographers, Flaming Lips, Shins, Black Angels. Son Volt and Ben Harper will be fine, but the've played this before (as have Shins). I know the official lineup comes out on Thursday, and maybe I'll be blown away. But right now, there isn't a "Holy SHIT!" band. If they get The Raconteurs - yeah, I'll be ecstatic. I mean, I'll be happy no matter what. It's three days of great music in my hometown. Cool people to hang out with. Possible party at Steanso's one night. Big Johnson in town. See lots of friends at the shows. Etc...

But so far, this is the first year that didn't surpass the previous. And I'm getting spoiled. I just can't help but think that CSE (the Austin based company that puts on ACL and the revamped Lollapalooza) is giving more attention to Lollapalooza this year. Last two years, ACL Fest was arguably the best festival in the states. I don't think anyone can argue that Bonnaroo holds that title this year.

Steanso agrees. with me to some extent. Bloom says I am a pessimist/downer (and this is quite an accusation coming from Bloom). Maybe they will announce Radiohead (or Pearl Jam, or the White Stripes, or Dr. Octogon) on Thursday, and I'll eat my words. We'll see.

It'll still be great. And no matter who they announce, it will sell out soon. Buy your tix kids. Come down. Big Johnson is in the backroom, but you can have the couch (or if, you are hot and single, sleep with Big Johnson).

God strikes back at Big Love

Apparently God wants to clear up any questions regarding polygamy, now that HBO is trying to make it cool again. He has sent the Plague to Utah.

Weather is unseasonably nice here. Last night I mowed the yard (listening to Deerhoof and The Mountain Goats - who I just can't get enough of), then decided to grill out. Pea and I walked to Central Market, bought supplies. I made her a tiny burger, and I opted for a stuffed burger - thin patty, add some chimchuri pesto salsa, Gruyere, top with another thin patty. We also grilled some squashes. Tried to watch the season finale of How I Met Your Mother (my guilty pleasure), only to discover that the DVR had cut it off halfway, and instead recorded The King of Queens. A few seconds of that shite and I was wishing I had the Plague.

Later, Sigmundo stopped by to watch the Mavs with me, and to curse basketball officiating and try and jinx the Mavs. Pea went to bed early, Bloom wandered home around 11:45. Mavs won, so that's great. However, I am worried about Dirk Nowitzki - he was basically non existent in the 4th quarter and OT. Chrispi puts some spin on it, but I am definitely backpedaling on my claim that he should have been MVP (though he still had 28 points with a supposed rolled ankle).

In other news, Happy Birthday to my cousin Braxton Reed Wilson. Sadly, Braxton's birthday was March 13 (he turned 17). I just happened to get his gift in the mail yesterday. Yeah, I know. I'm an ass. But, I sent him some cool stuff, I think. Braxton is a cool kid growing up in Montgomery, Texas. His dad coaches at The Woodlands, so maybe that's where Braxton goes to school. Maybe not. He is in band, and blows a mean trombone. He wants to play drums. He is deciding where to go to college soon. I am pushing for UT or Trinity (anywhere but Baylor). His mom and dad are Aggies, and are pushing for A&M. Noooooo! (sorry Reed and Chris). Anyway, I have invited him to come visit this summer. I hope he does, and Steanso and I can drag him on tours of UT and Trinity, and corrupt him like his dad corrupted me when I visited him at Colleg Station when I was 17 (he snuck me into the Dixie Chicken and into some Pizza joint, and we drank Shiner Bock in the back corner and played videos games/pool.) For his birthday this year, Braxton is getting:

Dark Knight Returns
Dark Knight Strikes Again
Arcade Fire CD
Mountain Goats CD
Pavement CD
CrackBass Brief History of Punk - 2 CD mix including Clash, Pistols, Devo, Minor Threat, Lagwagon, Pennywise, OpIvy, Ramones, Pogues, NoFX, Dead Milkmen, Dead Kennedys, Kinks, Talking Heads, Stooges, Green Day, Elvis Costello, No Use For A Name, Fugazi, Bad Religion, Rancid. Face To Face (History of Punk available upon request)

Happy Birthday Braxton. I hope you don't read this blog. And if you do, for some unknown reason, I hope not until after you get your package.

Here is Braxton at age 3, I think, with some awesome soon-to-be Cleburne High School graduate.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's day has come and gone. The Pea traveled to Beaumont to celebrate with her mom. I had Jajuan and Don over for Sunday Brunch. I went to bed around 3 am Sat night, and wanted to sleep in til at least 9. I thought 6 hours of sleep would do me well (I was tired, and got a lot more sun at the Springs than I had realized)... I still felt bad for Max, so I let him sleep with me (there is nothing in the world Max would rather do than get under a pile of blankets and sleep next to someone. "NightNight, Max" brings Max running to the side of the bed from wherever he was, tail wagging, all excited just to go back to sleep.) I offered Lucy the same, but she opened one eye, glowered at me from the closet, and went back to sleep. Sadly, around 6:15, Lucy decided she had chosen poorly, and barked at me from the edge of the bed. Groggy, confused, I let her up too. 8:00, dogs beginning whining for breakfast. I took them out, fed them. Thought about trying to go back to sleep. No go. Got up. Cleaned house. Played with dogs. Went to Central Market, bought ingredients for brunch.

I made her an omelet (mushrooms, truffle oil, Gruyere cheese), applewood bacon, biscuits. We talked for a while, and discussed house plans, gardens, ponds, etc. A nice laid back Mom's Day.

In her honor, some Jajuan/Jeff stories:

Jajaun was born in a town of 400 or so outside of Abilene. She married her high school sweetheart. They graduated in a class of 24 people. Don went to college in Lubbock, ROTC. Was in the ROTC/AirForce from 1968-77. Jajuan's hopes of seeing the world were dashed when Don got based in ....Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas. damn.

Don was in the airforce when I was born and was stationed in Europe for a few months at a time. So, it was Jajuan and I, hanging out on Dyess AFB.

Jajuan being a night owl, she taught me to stay up late, and we watched Johnny Carson together. We would often have late night meals of sour kraut and sausage. Sadly for Don, once he arrived back, I would often stay up in my room, crying because I was supposed to be in bed, and yelling "Here's Johnny" at the top of my lungs.

Jajuan taught me to cook. As early as I can remember, I was standing on a chair at the cooktop, making pancakes, or cookies, or eggs. Cooking is still one of my favorite activities. And, I'm damn good at it. So, thanks for that, Mom.

She also taught me to garden. We always had a garden, both flowers and vegetables.
Pea and I have carried on that tradition, our backyard a never ending project of shrubberies.

She taught me to appreciate fine dining. When i was still in junior high, she made me (and taught me to make) chicken Kiev, chicken cordon bleu, etc. Just in case I was ever some place and had to order something nice, I'd know something I liked. She also taught me which fork, spoon, knife, etc. to use.

She has always sacrificed to make sure I had it better than she did. And that I saw more than she did. She has always supported me in whatever hare brained scheme I have come up with...

She has done much more. Point is, she's a great mom. Happy Mother's Day, Jajuan.

this is the only picture I have of Jajaun on my computer. It is post swim-meet circa 1981.

Don and Jajuan left around 2:30. Storms threatened all day, not allwoing me to mow teh yard. So I read. And watched basketball. And watched the Sporanos. Then edged the yard.

Steanso and I went to Johnny Carino's for dinner. My first trip. I like the decor better than Macaroni Grill, but the food is not as good. Yeah, it certainly beats Olive Garden, but I haven't been to an Olive garden since 1993, so that's not saying much. I had the Timballo. Described as "A hot skillet filled with spaghetti, marinated onions & peppers, mushrooms, black olives, & pepperoni. Baked with mozzarella & parmesan cheeses. Choice of grilled chicken or Italian sausage, " on the menu, Steanso pointed out that it sounded like something from the Simpsons. I tried it anyway. ehhh. about like it sounds. combo of leftover pizza and spaghetti. I doubt I'll return. Pea arrived home around 10.

Now it's Monday. Stupid Monday.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

my day, my list

yeah. so, it's true. you've heard about it by now. and i'm sorry. it was dumb. I stayed up til 5 this morning. no good. i'm not 20-something anymore. My goal of watching the sun rise at least once a week has taken on a totally differnt meaning. Still, last night i tried to do it. And it was dumb. sure, i had soem reasons. I needed to watch max. I needed to clean the house a bit (yes, bleach was involved - but only to pour down all the drains. but, hey, don't worry - the drains were soon flushed with water to avoid any bleach fume remainders). I need to figure out this crazy myspace fad. I needed to listen to some music. I needed to see if moving the wireless station would provide actual wireless ability. whatever. point is, i finally cashed the chips in, laying on the floor in a pallet, sleeping next to max, with The Royal Tenenbaums playing n the TV. Steanso's call at 10 woke me up.

I obviously got less done than planned. Breakfast with Steanso came at 10:45 at Maudies - two petes tacos (i could only take in one), queso, beans. A nap on the grass couch for 5 minutes. I decided to ditch working on the flower bed for a quick trip to Barton Springs. Good idea. got in the water (head above water or ears plugged with fingers), swam about, sat in the sun, read a bit. Came home, cleaned porch, planted some plants, replaced the filter on the fridge, cleaned off coils (1/3 of list completed?). Called J. Barton Mitchell. "Yo JackBart, lets go!"

Tried to wake Steanso (he was sleeping off the Maudie's virus), headed to store. Grilled steaks (burger for Steanso)(the chimney, may be the best invention of all time), mashed potatoes. Good food. Steanso angry/shocked at high prices from yuppie/hippie food store.
Steanso, JackBart and I met B. Tillman at MoMo's for F 4 Fake. Great show. Where the hell were you? Hung with Charlie for a bit after, JackBart's ladyfriend joined us.

Steanso and I returned to Casa-de-wilson for a backyard flavored water (Steanso's favorite rejuenator), and a discussion about Janes Addiction, 1991 Austin, and high school music scenes. Steanso left.

oh, by the way. The Mavericks won. If they win the championship, Chris Perri has promised to take our whole office to Wink. I haven't forgotten, Chrispi.

It is now 2 and a half hours past morningtime. I am going to bed. (against my will, but with my better judgment) Tomorrow I am having Don and Jajuan over for Mother's Day brunch and hang out time. Thanks to all you mothers! we wouldn't be here without you! we love you.

Oh yeah. After Steanso left, I re-tested the Chimney with the butcher paper the steaks came in. What do you mean? No! I never play with fire. No. I didn't catch myself on fire once while camping. What are you talking about? Leave me alone.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday night and jamaican queen's jumpin

Friday - the prince of days. Friday is definately my favorite day. Friday at quitting time is the furthest you are from having to work again. Saturday is up next, and Saturday is pretty darn great too, but you know Sunday is right around the corner. Sunday had more dread as a kid, because Sunday was pretty much a wasted day, at least fun wise (I am not getting into the pros/cons of church attendance right now). Sunday School at 9:45-10:45, church 11 - 12ish. Get home, shuck church clothes, eat something that had been cooking in the oven on time bake - usually a casserole or roast, in my recollection. If it was football season, watch football. Otherwise, get into "play clothes" and play some baseball or just dig holes in the dirt pile dad had bought last year to spread over the low spots in the yard. Eventually, just when you were getting into whatever you were doing, churchtime would come again - 4:30-5:30 choir, 5:30-6:30 youth group, 6:30-7:30 church, again. Now, Sundays are not church-filled. But, they still have the impending doom of Monday around the corner. My new motto is to do work on saturdays, relax, swim, whatever on sundays.

So, the excitement this friday started early. Picked max up after work. Chris Sanders came by to look at some gardening, and to pick up some software for his computer. While we were standing in the front yard, two kids came walking down the street, glancing every which way. One took off his shirt and they both started sprinting. A minute later, a guy pulled up in a car saying two kids had robbed some lady at Central Market, and had we seen them. I warned the Pea, and Chris and I took off after them. We saw them jump down into a drainage ditch/riverbed, pulled the car over and gave short chase. Chris went back to the car to follow the road around, I continued to run down the riverbed. A few short steps later, I realized that should these kids turn around, I was in deep shit. So, I grabbed a small rock. And walked two more steps. Decided to walk back to the street, and make sure they didn't double back (percy). Two cops rolled by, asked me about the muggers, and drove on. Chris came back, and we went back to the house. 30 minutes later the cop copter was trolling our hood for the hoodlums. So that got the old ticker ticking. So, was it smart or cowardly to turn back? What if i had thrown the rock and hit one of the kids, and hurt him? Would that be bad to do? (I don't really know that they did anything wrong - I didn't see them do anything other than run) Why did I chase after them in the first place? Protecting my home/family? or just being dumb? ahhhhhh. i have no idea.

Pea left, Steano came by. We decided to skip Lemurs, since Max was just out of surgery, and I was tired too. We bought a videogame to play (saw some 8 year old kid's mom buy him Grand Theft Auto), ate at Suzi's, came home. Played some videogames, listened to music. Eddie Kaye stopped by. We hung out backyard, had a few drinks. They have left (quite early, I might add), so here I am. What to do? go to bed? clean house? watch a movie?

Anyway, here is my proposed list for things to do this weekend while mandy is in beaumont. Old Jeff would have demanded that all get done. I will just hope to get most important 50% done.

- put new can lights in the living room ( i have already wired the switches, so this isnt that big of a chore, just have to put the lights in and wire them up)
- change water filter behind fridge
- clean fridge coils
- (if the above dont solve the problem) fix ice maker
- move/mount wireless router so it will work past one room
- finish rocking and mortaring new flower bed
- re plant ferns, etc into new bed
- clean off back porch
- move boxes from garage to appropriate holding areas
- print some photos, frame those photos, and hang pictures
- clean out office so Pea can have area to study for GRE
- clean out guest room for impending summer visitors
- straighten house

ok (so why does it always seem to be, me looking at you, you looking at me, it's always the same, it's just a shame...
thats all

PS - I am so in love with: The Postal Service (and therefore Death Cab for Cutie.) And I have no idea how to feel about it. Ashamed? Proud? Out of my age bracket?

and Shuggie Otis. especially Shuggie. If you ain't listenin to Shuggie, you ain't livin. The man played with Zappa, was asked by the Stones to replace Brian Joens. What else do you want on a resume? Buy Inspiration Information now!!!! If you won't, just email me, and I'll buy it for you (asuming you can provide reason why you can't buy it for yourself)

PPS - thanks to the following for turning me on to Shuggie:

John Prentice Walkup II
Gary Robert Meyer
Sigmund McClay Bloom

It's not a slug

and it's not water. Nor is it sand. I have eustachian tube dysfunction. (And other than mental, that is the ONLY dusfunciton i have). I was given some anti-biotics (I won't take, unless necessary), some Sudafed-ish pills, plus some nose spray. When I take the nose spray, I am to sniff gently, as to get the spray onto the end of my eustachian tube, but not sniff so much as to get the spray into my throat. Hmmmm. That sounds difficult to me. We'll see how this shakes out.

Max's tail is fine, but he was full of pecans and pecan shells. They were removed. I would imagine he is in some pain. Poor Max. Thing is, we don't really have any pecans in the yard. I picked them up at the end of the season to avoid this problem. I think ol Max has been digging up squirrel pecans. Oh Max.

Co-worker Chris Perri has started a Texas sports blog. Check it here.

It's the weekend. Pea is out of town. I'm sorry to see her go; she normally keeps me (and the OCD) in check. Nights without Pea usually result in me staying up til 3 or 4, watching movies and cleaning the house. With bleach.

On the other hand, when she is gone, I often get to stay up all night watching movies and cleaning the house. With bleach.

Tonight will probably involve going to see The Lemurs at the Parish, or watching some movies. Tomorrow - work in the yard, barton springs, grill out with Steanso and JackBart, and F 4 Fake at Momo's.

Sunday I will spend with Mom and Pop, I reckon.

Have a great weekend. It's what you work for. Well, that and money.


I retract any statements made about flowers for Mother's Day. Flowers are ideal for Mother's Day. Moms love flowers, and your mom loves you. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anything a Mom would want more. Flowers brighten her day, liven up a room, and smell nice. Plus, they are delivered in a timely manner, and oftentimes, with a reusable vase.

I meant in no way to disrespect anyone.

Why the retraction you ask?

Well, CrackBass has been threatened. And, threatened by super-intelliget monkeys.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did you see The Office on TV last night?

I didn't, cause I was SEEING JAMES BROWN! Yeah, and it was awesome. The band came out around 9:00. Little build up, James out on the stage around 9:15. In a silver tuxedo. The rocked the house well for and hour and a half. Really brought it all down with "Living in America," from Rocky 4. Told us he loved Austin (Of course) and imparted this important piece of advice - "Learn Spanish!" There you go, straight from The Godfather of Soul to you.

James played the keys, he danced, he sang. He even popped into a cover of OutKast's "The Way You Move." So cool. The crowd was as diverse as I have ever seen at a show. Frat boys and 70 year olds dancing next to each other. After the show, Pea and I headed home for some post-James partying. We hoped to meet up with Steanso, Weedo and Chris "Serial Killer" Griego, but they stopped at Wendy's instead. Nonetheless, Weedo stopped by after Steanso went to bed, and hung out pond-side with the Wilson's until much too late for a school night (1:45 in the a.m., if you must know).

Today was CLE for me - 8 hours of a video'd conference on how to practice in federal court. It was pretty awful - it was mostly geared towards civil attorneys. Surprisingly, the hour long segment on representing appointed criminal clients (if you are licensed in Federal court, you are automatically on the appointment list) was presented by US Attorney's Office prosecutors. They encouraged new lawyers unfamiliar with criminal practice to ask advice about the case from the prosecutor. And not to waste time filing "frivolous motions." And not to call their supervisors should you have problems. And that a trial was just a waste of time, as 99.6% of Federally charged clients were found guilty, and a trial just made their punishment worse. Basically, new attorneys were told to trust the prosecutor's version of the case, handle their clients (who were referred to as "bad people" more than once), and enter a plea. I was shocked.

The last two sections were, thankfully, presented by some local defense attorneys. They straightened out some of the misinformation, but I was still dumbfounded.

Tomorrow is Friday. Which is awesome. It is also Mother's Day weekend, so get your mom something if you haven't already (not flowers, you lazy bum - put some thought into it). Pea heads to Blowmont, so I'm bachelor-ing it. Hope the weather stays as nice as it was today.

(I did dvr The Office.)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

James Brown is tonight!!!!

As you may be able to guess, I am excited. James Brown. Legend. Still kicking myself for not having seen him a few years back at the rodeo ("It's ok to miss things," my ass), everyone said it was a fantastic show. Well, luckily he is here again at Stubbs tonight. Outdoor show, sold out today. I can only hope everyone is as excited as I am. Tickets are still available on craigslist, so if you want to go people, get your tickets now. McCrimmon has scheduled a pre-party at Bull McCabes around 7:00, 7:30....

Last night was the first full fledged crack practice in a while. 5 players, rocking from the Hop-a-Long Lounge. I think we sounded good. I certainly had a good time (the delirium tremens may have helped). Worked out a few new songs. Gary Meyer joined us, adding his telecaster magic. Sigmund's trombone gave up the ghost, sadly. I think it is beyond repair. Andy F. rocked out with his seiko, adding almost vocal-like expressions with the octave bar.

Tomorrow I have the daunting task of wading through 8 hours of Federal Law CLE. yea!

In dachshund news, Max has injured his tail. He cries and I feel bad for him. He has a vet's appointment on Friday. Same day I am having the water forcibly sucked from my brain. I don't think either of us are excited aboout that.

That's about it. Not much exciting happened today. Other than the excitement of building up to James Brown, of course. Lunch with Gary at Angie's (delicious, but coma-inducing). Ran into three prosecutors and former prosecutor Brian Roark. Guess it was just a mexican food kind of day.

Have a good wednesday night, kids. Hope to see you at Stubbs or Bull McCabes...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Concerning the attacks upon Water (or, "A Water's counter-point")

In the interests of fair and balanced coverage, Blogo De Wilson presents the following Counter-Point to yesterday's Blog.

Hey Jackass:

Where do you get the nerve?

You think you can just roll in here and get any water you want to jump right into the ear with you? You think all local water is just dying to jump into some ear with any jackass who shows up with an empty ear cavity? Think again Buster! I thought you were someone special. I thought WE meant something. But Noooo.

Yes, you did have a beautiful ear...a little old, yeah, but sexy old, like Tom Selleck. You were clean - no wax in you.

Yes, it's true, you were pierced, but it was such an old piercing, and the leftover hole so one would know. You weren't infected. You hadn't tried to stretch your lobe out like some forgotten African tribesman. You were attached to some face, sure. But hey, most lobes are attached.

Anyway, you were there on the beach, acting coy. Maybe the impending storm scared you off, but I doubt it. I think you were getting the courage up to come meet me. Eventually, you did. You came running up, and dove head-long into my ocean. I immediately embraced you. You opened up to me. I flowed right into your heart, the Eustachian Tube, your ear drum letting me slide past into the inner sanctum, like I was Vikki Vale and your eardrum, Alfred.

We bonded. We melded. I thought we had something. I swam around, exploring your caverns and caves. You could only hear me, and I was there for you only.

But nightfall came. And with it, our first fight. Oh yeah. I haven't forgotten. But I have forgiven. Almost immediately the assaults began. Oh yes, I overheard you talking to HER, - "it hurts. I can't hear..." And she believed your story. She suspected nothing of our intimacy. She tried to kill me. She brought Swimmer's Ear, she brought alcohol, she consulted a (witch) doctor, she brought vinegar, peroxide. But I remained strong- our love (and my resolve) only strengthened by our challenges.

You say you want me to leave, but are you sure? Haven't you become accustomed to me? Aren't I everything you ever wanted? I always hear you referring to me - "WHAT? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, I have WATER in my ear." I know you love me. And I love you.

It's true, we may be over come this Friday. Your "Dr. Blair" may separate us. But I will never forget the times we had. I will never forget our closeness. I will never forget YOU. I will be back. It may be days, or weeks, or years, but someday, when you least expect it, I will creep back in, and you will recognize the warmth, the reduction in hearing,and you will welcome me with open ears, and we will be one again.


You are my everything,
Hawaiian Ear Water

An open letter to the water in my ear

I'm sorry. It's time. This just isn't working anymore. It's been two months, but it seems like forever. We had some laughs, but now it's just time for you to leave.

You were so exotic when I met you in Hawaii. Unlike anything I had seen before. So beautiful, sometimes wild and crazy, and sometimes so calm and relaxed. I submerged myself in you, you swallowed me up, we became one. It was wonderful. But it should have been a one time thing. Short lived. Just a vacation thing at most, but more likely, just a few hours..

But no. You latched on. Refused to let go. Now, JUST GET OUT. I've tried to introduce you to others like you here in Texas. Maybe you could find someone else. I've taken you to Barton Springs, Krause Springs, the Guadalupe River. But you refuse to leave me.

I've showered you with parting gifts - alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Swimmer's Ear drops...still, you refuse my attempts to separate us. You are driving me crazy. I no longer think of you with fond memories. Where I once thought of you as the stuff dreams are made of, now all I can think of is the pain you cause me. Often, late at night, as I lie on my pillow, I hear the whisperings that you will leave me. The first ecstatic sensation that you are rolling out. Do I dare dream it to be so? No. Just a tease.

Well, take this as your notice. You have three days. After that, I am evicting you. Dr. Blair will forcibly remove you. Yes, it will hurt. It will hurt me, and most likely you'll end up on the floor, broken. Later to be mopped up and destined to spend the rest of your life in a dirty bucket, filled with week-old pine sol and bleach. Remember your glorious past. You've had ample opportunity to get back there, but you have made your choice. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

Monday, May 08, 2006

It's a slow Monday.

but, aren't they all?

I'm glad to see that Mission Impossible III is not doing as well as predicted. The movie somewhat interests me, as does the director, and reviews have been good. But I just really, really dislike Tom Cruise. These reasons are numerous, and none of them alone would be enough to encourage such rancor, but as a whole...

The Mav's really let me down yesterday. Boy, what a suck-fest. The Spurs have been playing non-stop for 10 days, had only 36 hours rest between games, and the well-rested Mavs score 85 points and lose? As much as I hate to say it, maybe Nash was the right pick for MVP? The Suns certainly beat the Lakers nicely on Saturday night.

Not much going on otherwise. The stomach is revolting again. I'm on an oatmeal regimen until tomorrow night's pre-band practice taco night. Still recovering from the tubing, I guess.

I want to see Art Brut tonight, but I'm leaning towards "no" right now. It's at Emo's which I don't love, I've never heard any of their music, and I have Crack practice on Tuesday, then James Brown on Wednesday (wohoo!), then I'm on call Thursday. The Pea heads for Blow-mont this weekend, so tonight is my only chance to hang out with her this week. Plus, so. tired.

Hope your Monday is moving along faster than mine.

time to get back to work. Adios, mofos.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sleeping in.

After tubing, we made a valiant effort to keep the party going for Feral Andy's sake. Turns out, Kim and Kraber were wise in leaving early. Our attempt was no good. Steanso left first. Then Elf 's stomach rebelled against her and Andy took her home. I decided it was time for an old CrackBass Special - starting a movie at 1:00 and pushing through. Made it about halfway through the commentary on The Royal Tenenbaums (there's another post here about my changing taste in movies, but that is for another time) before I gave up the ghost (well, not THE GHOST, but a smaller ghost). The Pea had nested in the sunken room, so I woke her and told her it was time to go to bed. She decided to shower, as she was feeling poorly - allergies, mostly, some tube exhaustion. As I lay in the bed waiting for her to get out of the shower, every time I would close my eyes, it felt like I was still tubing. I'd wake with a start, worrying I had leaned back and spilled the beer in my lap (I didn't actually have a beer in bed, I was just tube- dreamin). Went to sleep around 1:45. Woke up at 9:30, Pea had returned to nest with dogs. I followed her into the sunken room, laid down on the floor, promptly fell asleep until Steanso called and woke me up. I am ashamed to say that his phone call came at 11:30. 10 hours of sleep. I probably really needed it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Went to brunch (is it still called brunch at 12:30?) at Curra's. Met JackBart for some photo taking for an upcoming web site (much like voyeurweb, but more law related). My folks returned from Abilene, and picked up Daisy, their wiener dog. Having gorged myself on pork and eggs for brunch, I assumed I would not eat much for dinner. But the memories of Rami's steak at the Gristmill kept popping back into my head. Went to the market and bough a strip, grilled it and had a baked potato. Pea and I printed some pics from our Hawaii trip and watched DVR'd Love Monkey. And that was my weekend. Successful I'd say. I did miss the Ken G. shindig, and that sucks, but the river took longer than we expected. It's OK to miss things. It's OK to miss things. It's OK to miss things. It's OK to miss things. It's OK to miss things.

Pics from tubing...

Steanso invokes satan to bless/curse our venture

Kim chills out. Pea and Elf go for more teeny CL's

Rami pretends Feral Andy is with her

A foot fetishist's dream

Team KraberBloom. Though you can't see it here, Kraber wins coolest shirt award with her original Death shirt

Steanso paddles away from electric eels, pirahnas, and adoring sorority girls/frat boys

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I guess this is growing up

A successful day tubing. Pictures tomorrow. I have been tubing down this stretch of the Guadalupe 10 or 20 times. Only today did I notice the huge cemetary while leaving. That's sobering. Is it because i was less intoxicated than other times (note the word "less"), or because as I get older, I tend to notice the death bed more? Such a huge juxtaposition - in the parking lot are a bunch of 18-20 year old kids, throwing up, talking about how drunk they are/have been, bragging about potential alcohol poisoning. No fear of death and little respect or appreciation of life. 1/2 mile away a lot full of bodies, many of whom would have liked just one more day...

Huh. Either way, a good time was had by all. Gristmill followed a 5 hour or longer leisurly float down the guadalupe with good friends and mediocre beer. Thanks to all participants.

Congratulations to Eleanor Elizabeth Gamble. She holds the dubious distinction of standing up the Tejas Team 2 times in one day...

Feral Andy is enroute to keep the party going. Team KraberBloom has run away, tail between legs.

game on

Look! The Storm is gone! (again)

two no responses, one no contact, two drop outs, six river lovers. Steanso, CrackBass, Pea, Elf, and Team KraberBloom head out for The Rockin' R today at 11:00. May God have mercy on our souls.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

and my house (along with some tree limbs), and most importantly, New Braunfels. We've had on casualty already. Will we go tubing? only time will tell...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo 1991

Ahhh, spring. when a youg man's thoughts turn to...whatever. Spring 1991. My junior year. Prom. ugggh. the pressure. the tux (I went with James Bond white - classy). the flowers. the expectations. the money. Anyway - juniors who helped build/decorate for the junior/senior prom were rewarded by being allowed to participate in senior skip day. Senior skip day (in Cleburne, at least) involved the seniors having an awards breakfast - "most likely to...", then getting the day off to go get drunk at the bmx trails or the lake. (Incidentally, due to an incredible girl on girl cat fight at 1991 Senior Skip Day, there was never another school sponsored Senior Skip Day in Cleburne.) Our school motto was CHS SUCCEEDS, and there is no success like excess, especially in a small town, with some old money, trying to be like a big town. You know what I'm talking about, East texas (deb balls, ha!). Anyway, Cleburne's prom was going to be a Mardi Gras theme. Lots of money was raised. Lavish decorations. Rated 3rd best prom in the nation (based on what, I have no idea - I remember the music sucking, and not making out with anyone, but they didnt ask me.)

Prom came and went. May 4th was the big day. Day after prom juniors cleaned up. I came with Doty to clean up day. We were too late to help, but we did get to take home the 3 foot tall ice sculpture of a swan, now looking vaguely like a small brontosaurus. Doty threw it in a cooler in the back of his Camaro, and he headed to the beer store. On the way, Doty explained the necessity of drinking Mexican beers on Cinco de Mayo. He had the fake ID, so who was I to argue? We bought some bottles of beer, corona, I imagine, nestled them on the ice-o-saurus, and headed back to Doty's. En route, we picked up the lovely, older (Senior) Neely Roe. Doty's parents were working (this was a Saturday), so we set up a table in the backyard. Time for "Sink the Ship," announced Doty, and carefully laid a bowl down on the table. It was the last thing any of us would do carefully that day.

Sink the Ship involves pouring beer into a bowl. Next, a bottle cap is floated upside down in the beer. Each contestant must put at least one drop of beer into the bottlecap. He who puts the drop into the cap that causes it to sink must drink the bowl. Not much to it. Oh, of course there is some strategy. The first to go can pour a lot, hoping to make the second person flood the ship. If you want to get drunk, you can intentionally capsize the little dinghy, etc.

By 2:00, we were all quite proud of our Mexican Heritage. Neely had decided it was a good day to get a tan, so she stripped down to her bikini (?), underwear (?), and flopped down on the trampoline. We were in awe. The cable company came to cut off the cable. Cable man climbed up the telephone pole, eyed Neely, asked for a beer. Brent tried to broker a deal involving Neely or the beer in exchange for not cutting off the cable. I can't recall how that worked out. At some point, Brent took me home. I went to bed that evening, feeling somehow closer to my brethren south of the border. Thanks, Brent, for your lesson in community.

As promised...May 4, 1991...yeah.


Here is the aforementioned Agave-Bot. He rules and stands watch over the kingdom that is casa de wilson's backyard, guarding against never-do-wells (well, to be honest, he's not the best guard), and protecting all those inside his kingdom. Learn to love him. He will stand guard til the end of time. If you are not allowed access by Agave-Bot, I suggest a sacrifice of sorts. He is a king, after all. All hail Agave-Bot.

(agave-bot designed and brought to life by Jeff N. Wilson and Chris L. Sanders)
Look! The storm is gone!

Sorry to keep you waiting out there, but I've had no access to power since last nigt at 10pm. I should have known something was awry when Steanso and I sat down to lunch yesterday at Trudy's - Arcade Fire's "Power Out" was playing over the speakers. Are they so prevalent now that they get radio play?

After work, The Pea headed to Yoga, and I headed to home Despot with JackBart. We purchased mortar for the garden, headed home for some more BattleStar G. Then came the storm. Hard. power out at 10:00, but just in three houses. Steanso was spared, he must be living right. With no power, I did what any red-blooded american would do. Had a glass of wine (but just one - I was on call don't you know), sat on the porch, watched the lightning. (fyi - lightning is approx 50,000 degrees F).

I figured, what with the weather and all, I'd be in for a night of good sleep. I mean, who goes out in this weather and gets arrested? No one, right? Plus, with the power out, it should be nice and quiet in the house/hood. Nope. Police disco lights showed up around 2 or 3. Someone was taking advantage of the power outages. With no noise and the windows open, I could hear every plane, and every train coming down the Missouri Pacific RR (there were five last night). I kept fearing that the agave-bot would topple with the 80 mph winds, or be struck by lightning and come to life. Unable to fall asleep, I ventured out to assess teh damage around 4 in the am. eerily quiet. but nice. Rains came again around 5. I decided to just get up and be done with it. Showere and shaved in the dark, took the truck to work since car was trapped in garage. The wrold's a wild place on no sleep kids. I highly recommend it. Power's out at work too, so I'm dropping this blog on ya from the courthouse library.

Weather's beautiful. Hope it stays nice for the tubing.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I will regale you with the first Jeff N. Wilson Cinco story later today, electricity willing. Look for a circa 1991 prom picture to be involved.

"I woke up with the power out..." indeed.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Clyde Torres

clyde is the name of crack's newest member.

Tonight was Crack's threesome practice. andy, Steanso and me. I thought we sounded nice tonight. everyone was really listening to each other. three new potential songs were written. One is about the infamous "cut your face off" "see you next tuesday" my morning jacket incident. It is also partly inspired by the song Hi, How Are You by Brakes. Or maybe they stole it from me.

We also formed our side project country-bluegrass-industrial group The Whiskeetos. Look for a website and album soon.

After rocking, i came home to find the Pea in the nesting room watching some 80's rock show on Austin Music Network (or whatever its new name is). Phil Collins came on - one more night. I love Phil Collins. Man do I love Phil Collins. First concert I saw was Phil at StarPlex in Dallas in 1989. Or maybe it was MC Hammer in 1989. Or maybe Debbie Gibson at Six Flags in 1988. Or maybe Kenny Roger/Dolly Parton in 197?.

But Phil was the first one I was proud of. I even have the setlist. Phillip Baily came out and sang "Easy Lover" with him. I've proudly seen him twice since (one was with Genesis).

I miss the old days when i was "self-employed" and I could stay up all night after practice, recording our practice from tape to computer to cd, and listening to and trying to replay our songs. Boozing and listening til 3 or 4, waking up at 9 or 10, checking on the pond, dogs, drinking some coffee, heading to work around 10, 10:30, taking lunch, heading home around 3:30 or 4:00. I don't miss the lack of money or depression..not much, anyways...

Well, goodnight all. Have a pleasant tomorrow.

no trial today

yeah, after being kept hostage until 2:45, the court reset my case. 4th time. Guess we'll try again in a month or so.

Crack practice tonite. Mandy is making tacos. tacos are my favorite meal. ever. I should stop after three. I normally make it to 5. That is always a bad idea. But, I just can't stop.

Last night Steanso took me to Outback for dinner. I had the Sweet Chook of Mine (chicken sandwich) - big mistake. Stomach in turmoil. from a chicken sandwich, you ask? oh yeah. no good. Afterwards we journeyed to Target for some shopping. I needed collar stays and shoe laces - they had neither. But, what they did have was a $5.00 copy of Creepshow. Perfect for October's "Scary Movie only" theme. We will be accepting your suggestions for scary movies now through October.

I have had water in my ears for a while now (or else I keep getting it back in there - i seem to go swimming at least once a week). Anyway, it's driving me crazy. I have tried the pouring the following into my ear: swimmer's ear drops, alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. No luck. When do i have to go to the doctor? will water in my ear make me deaf? or just annoy the hell out of me? anyone have any alternative home remedies?