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Monday, July 03, 2006

the levee breaks

of course our plane out of the Butte was delayed, but we did get to Denver in time to catch the flight home. Waiting for the plane, I ran into former Amazing Letdown, and current photographer extraordinaire, Diamond Dave Mead. The flight was on time, and we got home sat night around midnight. mandy went to a party to wish her sister bon voyage, I watched some BSG on the floor with the dogs.

Sunday brought a goodbye lunch with sister Kellie and beau Damon; afterwards, The Pea and I set to work cleaning out the garage and home office.

I am moving a desk and lots of books up to my work office. We packed Pea's 4-runner to the brim with books. I planned to unload them today at the office, when lo and behold, a leak had flooded the staging area (aka Chrispi's Office). Chrispi is in Las Vegas, so I can only assume that the flooding of his office is retribution by an angry God at young Mr. Perri's sinful life of gambling.

Because the AC is in the basement, we had to shut it off to avoid shorting it out. We shall see how long we can stand the heat. We have pumps running downstairs right now, so we hope to have it cleared out before the rains come this afternoon.

In other news, Team Wilson and Team Bloom are going to see The Black Crowes tonight at the BAckyard. We may or may not be joined by Eddie K as well as JackBart and YogaGirl. Should be a blast (rain or no rain), especially since we don't have work tomorrow, as we will be celebrating this country's hard won independance. Mostly by being hungover, getting drunk, and blowing up small pieces of the country with friendly explosives.

Got to get to work, lots of catching up to do after vacation. Rock hard.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

no yeti

Friday…we headed to mount crested butte for a ride and hike. We took the chair lift up the mountain, then hiked up for another mile or so. No matter how much you may believe you are in shape, everything is different at 12,000 feet. On the way up, we saw several marmots, chipmunks and picas.

(the pica)

We got to the top of the main summit. Adam decided to make a run over to the adjacent peak. Once he returned, we enjoyed a celebratory bottle of wine. Instead of taking the lift down, we opted to hike 1/2 down the mountain and take a lift down from there. A 3 or 4 mile hike down was tiring, but very nice. After our hike, we headed home to recharge, then out to cement creek for some fishing. As usual, I caught a trout almost immediately. It was the only fish of the day for me. We fished for a few hours. It’s just an incredible place to be, and fishing can really have that zen quality to it.

Crested Butte has a nice theatre called the Majestic. It has three screens, old school style. 4 seats on the left side, 6 on the right. They also have a full bar. Why more theatres don’t sell beer is beyond me. (This also happens to be the same theatre where John Walkup and I saw Pulp Fiction in 1995). Adam, Camille, Mandy and I watched Superman Returns, had a few beers. Movie was good. The first third is really great. After that, it kinda falls apart. The plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, there is a lot of wasted time in a movie that is unnecessarily 2 1/2 hours, and Lux Luthor once again gets a girlfriend who is dumb, kinda cute, and has a crisis of conscience? Still, it’s enjoyable. I just expected a little more.

On the way to the theatre, I saw two beavers in the pond by our house.

We came home, decided to skip the hot tub, had a couple of beers, and shared an apple.

Our last day, I woke up and fished the pond by the condo. I caught a nice little rainbow trout; I caught a fish every day we went out, five fish total. Though none of them were what I would call huge fish, this was my first trout fishing experience, so I'm not complaining. An excellent trip.

We head out today, after watching the Portugal/England match. I got $5 on England, Adam has his money on Portugal. We’ll see. Be home soon.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

3/5 happy

went fishing today with Dr. K and adam at the cebolla creek. first cast, and i caught a brown trout. things are going well. we fished for 6 hours or so. i was feeling pretty good, two brown trout and a rainbow. none were over 10 inches, but i was pretty psyched. adam caught 3 fish too, and we were feeling pretty good. til Dr. k told us he caught 13 fish.

we came back to town, met up with the girls who had spent all day at telluride. had a nice mexican dinner, two pitchers of margaritas. The Killians and the girls had enough, so they went home. Adam and I stayed in town, looking for some local culture. we walked around for a bit, then decided to stroll down an alley above the river behind the local bar. as we walked down, the bar patrons started yelling "bear! bear!"

sure enough, a black bear, 3 1/2 feet tall on all 4's, 6 feet tall standing was 20 feet from us. i tried to take a picture with the cell phone. no dice. anyway, that was awesome. so, i've caught trout, seen a bear (which is so unreal) seen a fox. now i just need the yeti and the beaver. i'm 3 for 5. which is well above the mendoza line. some pics for you enjoyment are below.

the marmut

emerald lake

where we fished today

(all photos by adam goncalves)

tomorrow brings a hike to the top of crested butte, and more fishing. all is well. we love you.

the fox and the marmut

despite some travails, we got into gunnison around 9:45. Camille and Adam picked us up in the pimp mobile - a 1992 blue chevy astrovan. we drove the 30 miles into crested butte and were happy to shower off the airport funk. The Killians (Camille's parents) are 1/10 owners in the condo we are staying in. They get it 5 weeks a year. A computer system determines which weeks each of the 9 partners + the general manager gets the place, but basically they get it every 10 weeks, the weeks just change from year to year. It is three stories, master bedroom on bottom, two guest rooms and kitchen/living room on middle, and a loft. There is a balcony looking out on three mountain peaks. There is a hot tub. It is wonderful. Dr. and Mrs. Killian drove up, and brought their two 9 year old yellow labs, Whitt and Belle.

After we got washed up, Dr. K took us on a 3 hours sight seeing tour up one of the mountains. We saw mountain lakes, lots of beaver dams and beaver houses, and some snow. While here, I wanted to see the following: beaver, fox, black bear, and sasquatch/yeti/abominable snowman. And catch at least one trout. On our drive, we saw a marmut, which looks a lot like a groundhog or chipmunk. And, a fox. the fox was awesome. super awesome. I've never seen one outside of a zoo. this one was huge, maybe the size of a border collie. And we saw what was probably a young bald eagle.

We got home, got ready to go fishing, and a nice mountain thunderstorm rolled in. It rained for about 45 minutes. between short naps on the couch (Belle licked my hand every time i fell asleep), it was pretty amazing to watch the storm roll in off the mountains. After the rain cleared, Dr. K, Adam and I headed to the East river for a little fly fishing. The water is about 50-55 degrees and crystal clear (and i thought barton springs was cold.) The river where we got in is just below a hatchery, so there are lots of small, very wary trout. We walked down further and fished from about 5:30 til 8. Didn't catch anything, but it was a wonderful place to be. Saw lots of birds, got my casting figured out, and got to spend a few hours by myself watching the sunset and listening to the sounds of the river and the birds.

The general store is about 1/8 mile from the condo. It has guinness on tap. i think i may be in heaven. we came back, met the girls at teh store, ordered some burgers, pizza and beers. came home, hopped in teh hot tub, had a few more beers and went to bed. nothing like being in a hot tub when it is 40 degrees outside.

More fishing in store today. The cement creek in the morning and somewhere else in the afternoon. Plus a bluegrass band tonight. it's 48 degrees right now. i got up and sat on the balcony this morning, drinking coffee and reading the sandman. high of 80 today. later skaters.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


we ganked some blankets and pillows that were supposed to go to a United flight, but I figured we needed them more than those nancy's in first class going to aspen. so, here we are in some corner in the airport, sleeping on the ground like some damn homeless convention, on a carpet that smells of dirt and industrial cleaning oils. kickass. thanks United, you really suck. out loud.

in a bit a of GREAT news, looks like Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) has come out of his hiding hole. Welcome back, Jeff. We've missed you. Now don't screw up your legacy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've been drinking in an airport bar...'s like Christmas in a submarine.

whatever that means.

anyway, The Wilson's are stranded in the Denver airport all night. It's like areal life version of that crappy Tom Hanks movie. except without Catherine Zeta Jones and that really cool guy from the Wes Anderson movies. Apparently there is a softball tournament in town, and they have booked EVERY hotel room in 50 miles. I now hate softball, and, by proxy, Dick Punki. There's a Burger King open and a bar. I'm in the bar. Here is the first draft of the letter I have composed to United Airlines.
2 minutes. 120 seconds. That is the difference between the vacation we had planned and paid for, and the nightmare that we went through instead. My wife and I purchased tickets from Austin, TX to Gunnison, CO with a 2 hour layover in Denver. (Flight numbers 0406 and 7065, on June 27, 2006. ) We arrived at AUS at 4:00, an hour and a half prior to departure, to ensure that nothing went wrong. Our flight was delayed until 6:40, but we were assured we would still have plenty of time to make our connection. Our bags were checked with the promise that both our bags and we would make it to Gunnison that evening. We left the gate in Austin close to 7:00 pm. At 8:05 MT we were on the ground in Denver. We pulled into gate 46 at 8:14. We were in row 6, so we were off the plane as quickly as possible. We sprinted the 15 gates to Gate 61, arriving at 8:20. Our plane was scheduled to depart at 8:28. The departures screen still showed out flight as “boarding.” However, the gate agent told us the plane was closed. Despite the fact that the plane was still on the runway, and that it was not scheduled to leave for another 8 minutes, and that the only reason we were not on time was due to our United flight being late, we were not allowed on the plane. We were told that the doors shut with ten minutes until takeoff, and that nothing can be done. 2 minutes. The gate agents in Austin couldn’t notify the Denver agent and tell them to wait for two paying customers on a plane that holds less than 20 people. The gate agent at our arriving gate couldn’t be bothered to call forward. And despite the fact that the gate agent for the GUC flight knew we were coming, knew our flight in was delayed, and knew we had landed at 8:14, no one could hold the doors on the flight for an extra 2 minutes.

As we watched the last plane of the day leave without us, we were directed to one of several “customer service” areas. Although the gate agent had rolled us over to the next flight (leaving the following day), she told us we needed to go to the customer service area to get our hotel assignment and transportation vouchers. At both customer service areas, there were lines of 100 or more people. Although there were computers and space for 10 or more agents at both areas, only a few agents were present. After an hour of waiting, several agents left their post, claiming, “we have to get home, we’ve been here all day.” As if we hadn’t. When we finally reached the agent it was 10:00. We explained that we had already been rolled over, and that we only needed a hotel and a cab. She quickly told us that there were no hotels available in Denver, and within 50 miles of Denver. She told us that we would be spending the night in the airport, and that we should keep our food receipts and send them in, since there were no food coupons to be given out. Despite the fact that the majority of people in line were there for a hotel, and that they had been directed there by the gate agents, not once did any employee come out and announce that the line was only for people needed to rebook flights, or that there were no hotels. Or that the only restaurant that would be open after 10:00 was Burger King.

To say that we are frustrated is an understatement at best. We both took off half a day of work in order to get to Gunnison tonight. We rented a condo that we did not get to use. We paid for a fly-fishing excursion that we did not get to use. We missed a day of vacation, since, instead of sleeping in our bed, waking up and going fishing, we were forced to stay up all night in the Denver airport, and get into Gunnison at 9:45 in the morning, with no sleep. I understand that delays in the airline industry happen. What I don’t understand is why not one person was willing to assist us in fixing the problem, and making sure we arrived in Gunnison, despite the delay. We lost a day of our vacation, a fishing trip, a night in a condo, and time we planned on spending with friends. Instead, we got no food, no sleep, and no help. 2 minutes. That’s all it would have taken.

At this point, the least you can do refund the full fare we paid for our tickets and the money we spent in the airport. It would be appropriate to pay for the time missed at work, the money lost on the condo and the fishing trip, and vacation we lost, but I know better than to expect that. And you certainly can’t give back the night of our life we lost, stuck in the Denver airport, trying to sleep in shifts on the filthy floor. You’ve ruined a vacation. Please do what you can to fix it after the fact.

so. DON'T EVER, EVER fly United. There are probably 500 people here stuck in the airport overnight. A few agents told us that this has been happening every day since the past year. If only United wasn't teh only airline flying into Gunnison. But they are. Hopefully I'll be fishing tomorrow afternoon. That, or in a Denver jail. Night Night. I have the first few trades of The Sandman, A Cormac McCarthy book and a two episodes of BAttlestar Galactica to get me through the night. The bar closes at 1:45.

The Pea's Nirvana

well kids, The Pea and I are off to Colorado, - home of Nectar of the Pea - Coors Light. Though we won't be visiting the hallowed grounds that Adolf Coors built in Golden, we will be staying with Camille and Adam in beautiful Crested Butte. I plan on spending the next four days fly fishing and drinking good beer. I can't imagine anything better (well, not that doesn't involve Pamela Anderson and a pygmy goat). As discussed, I really love the water, and standing in a crystal clear mountain stream all day looking for trout is about as good as it gets. Plus, we haven't seen Camille and Adam since Coventry in the fall of 04. If I have internet access, I'll try and rap at you, but I don't foresee it. Please don't rob my house while we're away. See you Sunday. Keep the town brown while we're gone.

Monday, June 26, 2006

runnin on empty

Woke up sunday morning , still feeling saturday night.

A late night and most of a bottle of 1792 assured that an early morning boat outing would be postponed.

I woke up, mowed the yard, and settled on the couch to watch the tail end of the 1980's classic Three O'Clock High, which has a pretty realistic fight scene between Jerry Mitchell and Buddy Rivell - sloppy, lots of wrestling and punching mixed in.

Andy showed up at 2:30, boat in tow. Steanso bailed. Pea decided to join us, despite some misgivings.

Andy is part owner of a 2003 Air Nautique. It's a helluva boat - 23 feet long, 350 cubic inch engine mounted in the back - a lot like this one, but with lots of speakers, lots of blue, red and white party lights.

We put in at hula hut, and were in the water by 4:00 in the pm. We had lots of fun, listened to some tunes. took a two hour cruise up north - we passed the 360 bridge, sandra bullock's estate, and saw wild turkeys fly over the river. we got far enough north for calm waters, and i tried on the wake board for the first time in 5 years. I was marginally successful, getting up every time, but landing any jumps was a bit of a challenge. the boards have come a long way since the skurfer i learned on. They are a lot lighter and easier to get out of the water, but the lack the stability of the three fin in the back system of the old skurfer. that, plus the elevated rope tie in that Andy's boat has, and suddenly i'm up in the air higher and without nearly as much effort. the downside, at least for me, is that the new boards are double sided and only have one fin on each end. this allows for reversals, but also takes away some of that stability you got for the skurfer. so, on my first attempt at a big jump, i landed face first, knocking my eyeballs to the back of my skull. i got back on the horse a few times, and finally got my feet under me, but the cold water and the fact that i hadn't been pulled behind a boat in 5 years made me pretty tired. i attempted no more big jumps. perhaps a few more trips, and i'll be jumping high and hurting myself again.

At 7:00, i realized we were far from home, and needed to head back. i had plans to see the band of horses, and mandy needed to get ready for vacation. Andy decided to wakeboard home. as i was driving, a sputter. sputter. cough. cough. engine cessation. andy fell down. what's wrong, he asked. i think the engine is messed up. no, were you doing anything weird with the throttle? not unless pushing to go faster and pulling it to slow down is weird...i think you're out of gas. no, the gauge says full. well, dude, i think you're out of gas.

as we floated closer and closer to the rocks, we discovered that we had no gas, we had no reserve gas tank, and only a $1000 ski to use as am oar. so i jumped into the cold, cold water and swam the boat out to the middle. andy opened a beer, mandy flagged down a jet skiier. the jet skier came by, only to have her jet ski die. i pushed her away from the rocks, and finally a family pulled up, and towed the jet ski to her friends, and began a 45 minute tow for us to the Lake Austin Estates. Though the fella on the dock at Lake Austin Estate (LAE) claimed to have been the original DJ for MTV, and the best Dj in Colorado (yeah, i know) I got feelings of Hills Have Eyes. Having given the last of my cash to the towing family, we were without funds with which to pay for the gas offered by the LAE-ers. I called JackBart to come pick us up. JackBart gets the "Friend of the week" award. JackBart loves an adventure, and is always willing to pick up or deliver people at any odd time (at 9 at night at the LAE dock, or 4 in the morning to the airport, for example). We owe him dinner, at least. Thanks, JackBart.

Andy and Rami took the boat in, but we have yet to hear from them, despite a few calls. We hope they are ok.

We got home at 10. On the plus side, we saw lots of owls at the dock. which i love.

We leave for a fishing/hiking trip to Colorado tomorrow. I need a book to read. I am on a run of good books lately, and i welcome your suggestions. The last few books i have read are:

All The King's Men by Robert Warren
Generation X by Douglas Coupland
Already Dead by Charlie Huston
Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy
Comics interspersed.

What should I read on this trip? The front runner right now is the last in Cormac's border trilogy.

i thought i hurt getting up sunday. i certainly felt 32 this morning. all those parts of my body that aren't used to getting pulled were screaming at me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

saturday delivers a death in the family

slept late. had the pea's pancakes for the first time in a long time. wanted to try coffee, even went so far as to pour a cup. nope, stomach not that strong yet. (but strong enough for mexican food 3x since friday). it's funny realizing how your body really tells you what it can handle. in my situation, the things my body least objected to, in order:
caffeine (tea only)

i expect caffeine in coffee form is next, since it is all i have left. but, it's the scariest one left.

after some work on the new flower bed, af sensat came over for 2/3 of whiskeeto practice. our 2/3 side project's stage name is "hey, someone get those two drunk assholes off the stage."

we had a few drinks,

practiced, then went to steanso's for a drummier practice. plans were made for bowling. we went to cherry creek for dinner. bowling scrapped. games played...the reclusive north american sultry jackass appeared. games ended...

(see andy rock. see steanso hide his "tells")

dies this week. it was a fun outlet to drop reviews for all things multimedia - concerts, records, movies, games, etc. sadly, people got wrapped up in their own blogs and readership fell down to the contributors. i personally felt like the kid who had no place writing there. the other writers all seemed to be rtf majors, and had much more background than i did. still, i liked posting there as well as reading their thoughts. we even got picked up by national media once, and got into a pissing match with a state popular writer. goodbye nano. i will miss you.